Get Top Technology Updates of this Week in 5 Minutes

Get Top Technology Updates of this Week in 5 Minutes
February 13, 2022

Don't have time to catch all technology updates and find useful updates? Here are the top updates of the week that might be useful to you! 

YouTube streaming now utilizing AI that mastered chess and Go.

YouTube has begun using an algorithm MuZero that conquered board games such as chess and Go.

YouTube videos will be streamed more efficiently with the help of AI technology developed by Deepmind. This AI-powered algorithm can reduce 4% of the data required to stream a video without affecting video quality.

Twitter is globally expanding its testing of new dislike feature

Twitter is allowing more users to use downvotes. Twitter began experimenting with the option about a year ago, and only a select group of web users were able to use it. Now Twitter is rolling out the downvote feature to more Android and iOS users.

Peter Thiel to step down from Facebook's board

Peter Thiel, a billionaire tech investor and PayPal Co-founder will step down from the board of Meta to maintain his focus on politics.

Google Releases its First Android 13 Developer Preview

Google released Developer Preview for the new android version Andriod 13, This is the first version of Developer Preview and they will add more features in the future, This developer preview program will last till July-2022.

Facebook Messenger now lets users split the bill with friends

Split Payments are now available in the US and are easy to use. Users can split their bill in a group chat or select a payment tab in order to start splitting it.

MoonPay launches world's first credit card checkout for NFT purchases

MoonPay, a leading global crypto payments infrastructure provider, recently announced the launch of NFT Checkout, a plug-and-play solution allowing any brand, creator, or marketplace to give their users a simpler and faster way to buy and sell "nonfungible tokens" with a credit card.

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