Google Releases Android 13 Developer Preview

Google Releases Android 13 Developer Preview
February 11, 2022

Google released Developer Preview for the new android version Andriod 13, This is the first version of Developer Preview and they will add more features in the future, This developer preview program will last till July-2022.

This preview focused on privacy and security and to improve android developers' productivity.

To help users to protect the photos and videos they share, Android 13 includes an advanced photo picker to make sharing all their photos easier. The document picker from Android 13 helps users quickly share specific files of any type without gaining permission for access to every media file on your device.

Apps can use the photo picker APIs to quickly and easily access shared photos and videos without needing permission from the user to view all media. Google plans to bring this feature to other Android devices through updated versions of their system.

Google also launched Nearby device permission for Wi-Fi, Android 13 introduces the permission for apps that manage a device's connections to nearby access points over Wi-Fi, part of the NEARBY_DEVICES permission group and required for apps that call commonly used Wi-Fi APIs. The new permission enables apps to discover and connect to nearby devices over Wi-Fi without needing location permission.

In this new android version, it will also focus on developer productivity and tools like:

  • Quick Setting Placement API
  • Themed Apps Icon
  • Per-app language interface
  • Programmable shades
  • Open JDK 11 Update

Platform stability milestone:

Image Source: Google

Visit Android Developer Site for More Details - Link

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