The Best Web Development Projects for Beginners (with Examples)

The Best Web Development Projects for Beginners (with Examples)
April 03, 2022

If you're just starting your programming journey, it can be overwhelming to start trying to figure out what you should build. But this article should help break things down. This article gives you a list of projects and the web development technologies that work with them to pick a project. It also says that even beginners will find something rewarding with each project.

1. Design a Subscription Page

A subscription page for a new website can be used to list discounts, promotion codes, and other prizes that are available as gifts for subscribers. It could also be used as an integrated payment page where the user either pays monthly or yearly in advance. The design size should be centered to cover the corresponding content area. 

Development type: Front-End

Technologies can be used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass, ReactJs, Angular

Difficulty Level: Easy

Design reference:

2. Simple ticket booking application:

Flight Ticket Booking Application is an application that allows users to search for flight tickets. The flight tickets are sorted based on date, airline, cost, and country. Users can add more filters to the search after finding a ticket that suits their needs. Other than searching for and booking flights, this app also gives updates about flight departure times and arrivals.

Development type: Full-Stack Development

Front-End Technologies can be used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass, Angular, ReactJs

Back-End Technologies can be used: Python, PHP, Java

Difficulty Level: Hard

Design Reference:

4. Build an appointment booking chatbot:

A chatbot is a robot, typically software, that interacts with humans using natural language, like text or spoken conversation, without the need for a speaking avatar. A chatbot provides responses to queries on a specific topic and completes tasks like booking an appointment in real-time. In this project, you can ask simple questions to customers like what do you want to book? Date and Time of appointment booking, Customer information, etc.

Development Type: Full-Stack + Basics of Machine Learning

Technologies can be used: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flask, NLTK Machine learning library

Difficulty Level: Hard


5. Create an Image Gallery:

Image Gallary is a site that allows you to store, manage, sort, and view your images. You can create albums for family photos and vacations to help better organize your images. Upload new pictures from the computer or use an external camera. Upload pictures in bulk with the batch upload tool and keep track of your import status so you know how long it will take to upload them all.

Development Type: Front-End

Technologies can be used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass, React

Difficulty Level: Medium


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