Complete Front-End Developer Roadmap

Step by step guide to become a front-end developer by learning important topics without getting confused

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What is a Front-End Developer?

A front-end developer is someone who is responsible for designing the site or application's interface, as well as all interface presentation. This includes adapting CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React and other programming code to the design and ensuring it meets certain accessibility standards.

Front end developers are the backbone of the computer ecosystem. In order to maintain efficiency and provide a quality user experience, they implement web design with code in order to develop high-level software. However, a front-end developer does not simply produce software. They also have responsibilities for determining which features are needed for the project at hand and can typically help with writing functional specifications that facilitate better design. They might contact designers to initialize their work as well.

What are the important technologies are required to become a Front-End Developer?

  • HTML - HTML is a markup language that is primarily used to create web pages. It mainly consists of different tags to divide content and display headings, paragraphs, and images.
  • CSS - CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets and it is a set of rules used by designers to specify the appearance of HTML documents. CSS contains properties that enable layout, adjust typography, identify background images and colors, and specify a variety of other formatting features.
  • JavaScript - JavaScript is a programming language that is used to make websites faster at responding to a user's every move. This means that a developer can make each and every website less resource intensive and interactive.
  • ReactJS - ReactJS helps in cutting down the production time by developing faster, simpler and best-in-class user interfaces.
  • SASS(Optional) - Sass is an extension of CSS. It's a syntax extension that allows UI developers to create and add variables into their code like they would in PHP or Python. Sass helps you write less code.
  • Knowledge of API - API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a program that enables two different programs to communicate.
  • Git - Git is a version control used to store and track changes to code. It is primarily used for software development but can also be used for different kinds of media.

How long does it take to become a front-end developer?

If you follow this roadmap that covers important topics to become a front-end developer then it will take around 120-130 days to become a front-end developer, By doing 7-8 Hours study daily.

How to use this roadmap?

To become a front-end developer we have created this roadmap to help you learn important topics and skills. You will have to go by one-by-one phase by reading all topics given in each phase. It will be great if you give your 60% time to practice and 40% for reading.