What is redux used for?

What is redux used for?
October 18, 2023

Let's take an example you are building an e-commerce application, the cart component is a crucial aspect that requires proper management of state.

To store the cart count and data, one approach is to use the local state of the cart component and pass the relevant information to child components via props.

This allows for a clear and organized flow of data, and makes it easy to track and update the state of the cart throughout the application.

However, if the need arises to share the cart data with parent components or other components in the application, relying solely on local state and props can become challenging and complex.

It can be difficult to ensure that all necessary components are properly updated and that the data flows through the application correctly.

In this scenario, using a state management library like Redux can help simplify the process of sharing and updating the cart data throughout the application.

As you can see in the above diagram, we can pass data to components below it in the tree, such as from Component 1 to Component 2, then to Component 3, and finally to Component 4.

What if you have to pass data from Component 4 to Component 1? It will be very difficult to manage the flow of data.

At that time redux will help you to manage the data easily. Let's understand it through diagram.

As you can see in the above diagram, Redux allows for easy access and management of the application's state by any component.

Each component can access the state from the centralized store, and update it by dispatching actions.

This approach greatly simplifies the process of managing and updating state across the entire application, as all components have access to redux store.

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