What are the best ways to avoid distractions while programming?

What are the best ways to avoid distractions while programming?
January 20, 2022

Programmers often have difficulty keeping their focus on tasks because of time and other distractions. Writing a code might not be the most exciting task for many people, but it does require focus and persistence.

However, even with all that dedication, it's easy to get distracted. In this article, find out how to avoid distractions when writing code.

1. Start Each Day with Three Things

Start each day by getting a clear sense of three things that you're going to accomplish during it. Schedule these items one by one and take steps towards them to make sure they happen.

Make your to-do list at night, so on the next day morning, you will not have to put your energy and time into thinking about what to do today. By doing this, the next morning you will wake up and start working on your main tasks. This way, whatever distractions come up later won't slow your progress too much.

2. Turn off all notifications

Ultimately, it is important to focus whenever you are writing code. When distractions keep coming up, it can create a feeling of hopelessness in your heart, which can make you unable to improve.

Turn off notifications when you're working and do not check your email or texts if they come in on your phone. Any time spent monitoring notifications or messaging notifications and uploading content when you're writing code is time wasted. I try to avoid distractions by turning off all notifications on my computer and mobile and only using the editor, even if it's really difficult.

3. Keep your mobile at a distance

There are many ways to develop a distraction-free environment when writing code. One of these is putting your mobile in a drawer or in another room so it's inaccessible while you work.

This allows you to focus on what is happening with your program without the temptation of checking notifications or looking through social media.

4. Work on easy problems first

One of the best ways is to try and tackle easy problems first. This will give your brain validation and invoke the confidence necessary to stick with it before tackling harder tasks.

Some people find coding quite frustrating, especially when trying to get a routine task like refactoring or fixing your code that is not working as expected.

However, if you can avoid distractions by staying focused on easy problems and using the time to experiment with parameters and what they do and don't change, you can experience excitement rather than frustration.

5. Play Music

To avoid the sound of outside music from distracting you, a common solution is to play music in the background of your workspace or use headphones. There are many varieties of instrumental and non-instrumental music that can help you concentrate.

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