Web Development Trends To Follow In 2022

Web Development Trends To Follow In 2022
January 03, 2022

Innovation in the web development industry is exponentially increasing and we feel we can't be unaffected. Particularly in 2022, we'll see a lot of groundbreaking trends hit the market and they will prove to not only impact this generation but for many to come.

Voice Search

Voice search has just barely taken off and we can expect that trend to continue for another year or two. Despite the entrenched habits of users that use voice search, we will see a rise in companies beginning to integrate it into their apps, as its reach continues to grow. With more people spending their time online, many are starting to rely on voice search, which is slightly different from the type of interaction that people are used to. Voice search is now gaining momentum globally as people are looking for quicker ways to find the information they need. One of the constraints of voice search is that it's not strictly designed for reading - since people will often say commands instead of submitting them in written form.

Mobile-Friendly Design

This past year, mobile searches exceeded desktop searches, and many believe it's because smartphones provide fast access to valuable information. Moving forward, companies will make sure their sites are optimized for mobile devices in order to reach consumers with increasingly busy schedules or who use different platforms. Leading website developers are building sites with responsive design that allows users to view it smoothly on any device. Although this practice might be easy to implement for startups with limited resources, enterprise level development teams have unwittingly fallen in the trap of investing too much time in developing in-house apps in app stores when their website could have proved more efficient. 

Single Page Application

SPA's allow users to experience a flow from one page to another without loading new pages from a server. This avoiding a lot of the complications that come with using a traditional multi-page website structure. SPA's can even minimize page load time because they reduce the unused resources being refreshed on the user's browser. It's no longer acceptable to have a single-page site that just loads content through AJAX. Now, there are plenty of tools to seamlessly load updates without the need for refreshing the page, making sites feel more responsive. One common example is loading new content using pushState() which handles the refresh while preserving the URL without exposing any sensitive information.

Motion User Interface

Motion UI is a trending idea that developed thanks to advancements in animation. These animations are usually found online on sites with an e-commerce purpose, especially with areas where the user needs to scroll down. The idea is that objects would come alive on the page as you pulled them downwards. Scroll-activated animation can be applied to any task so long as the object changes depending on what might happen next, just like in life. Likewise, this becomes more convincing if it transitions naturally into video. This technology offers a library of animations that are fully customizable. Designers are able to easily interpolate object positions, move them around the screen, hide, or show objects with simple animations. For example, transitions between pages can be handled with simple transitioning animation effects rather than clunky functionality-based page changes.

Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are no longer an emerging technology and it's important to get on board and start using them in your service level strategy. AI-powered chatbots can help improve user experience with ease, cutting cost of customer services drastically. The next step in web development will come with AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots can answer any questions that customers ask, interact with them on social media channels, and provide alerts to keep them up-to-date. More than just a link to your website or app, AI connect people with content without forcing you to create it yourself.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks are the backbone of web application development in this technological century. NodeJS, Angular.js, Ionic, ReactJS and VueJS are some of the most popular frameworks in the recent times. Developers use these frameworks to develop responsive web applications with ease. Web development trends evolve on a yearly basis. In 2021, JavaScript frameworks have enjoyed plenty of growth so it's not surprising to see that the technology will grow in the coming years. For those looking to create new websites or blogs, Januaso suggests being ready for rapid change as web coding becomes less distinct from mobile code as a whole.

Dark Theme

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have all transitioned to a new dark mode feature. This enhanced feature offers a darker contrast between text and background screens for an easier evening viewing experience. In the future, many websites will have adopted the same feature in order to keep up with the competition. Dark Mode is no longer an obscure concept in dark environments. It’s oh-so trendy, and we need to know how to use it. There are different Dark Modes, one enabled by direct coding and another which functions on its own or customizes the default user interface with a Dark Mode toggle.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are a great combination of a responsive site and a browser app. They can be made from any type of website, including those that already exist or those that haven't been created yet. All you need to do is enable some additional features, such as Push Notifications, Service Workers, and AMP Support. Progressive Web Apps are an evolving form of web development. Web developers are able to create applications that cross the boundary between mobile and desktop, providing a rich experience to users. Progressive web apps can be installed on the phone's home screen, send push notifications, and sync with Google service.

What's Trending in Web Development?

Web development trends are always changing. There are many that are taking shape at this moment, but it's difficult to tell which ones will stick to the core in the next few years. It is important to stay ahead of the curve and be aware of what is possible using JavaScript according to future web development trends in 2022. Take a look at the trends and see which ones you can apply to your business now and take advantage of what's in store.

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