Useful React Animation Libraries

Useful React Animation Libraries
August 25, 2021

Animation is a powerful feature of modern web development. Not only can it make your application more visually appealing to the end-user, but it also provides some very useful interactive benefits to the user such as showing and hiding content in response to user input.

Here we are going to see a list of the best react animation libraries that can be used for your projects.

1.React Reveal

React Reveal is an animation library specifically written for React that is MIT licensed and has a small file size. It can be used to make animations like on scroll reveal. You can highlight important parts of your message as the user scrolls. React Reveal provides a quick and easy way to make your message more exciting. It has first-class support for collapsing elements. This removes the need for the universally hated pop-up windows.



You can use this library to make your UI element as stiff or as flexible as you need. It will be supported by physics, even if it is a lightweight object. This way you never have to worry about interrupted animation behavior. It also simplifies the API greatly.

Website: React-Motion

3.React GSAP

GSAP is designed for ease of use. You can select whether you want to animate DOM elements, SVG graphics, canvases, WebGL, or even three.js elements — you choose. This library cares about performance, optimizations, and browser compatibility - so you don't need to. They have stayed up with advances in technology for over ten years and have no plans to change.



react-spring, a spring-physics-based animation library, should cover most of your UI animations. It gives you tools flexible enough to confidently cast your ideas into moving interfaces. This library approaches animation with a modernist approach. All of the animations are interpolated smoothly and the library has animations taken from powerful animated as well as Cheng Lou's react-motion.


5.Framer Motion

Motion is a production-ready library for React from Framer. It provides easily written transitions, gestures for easier layout navigating through HTML and SVG elements. There is no need to write any code or use a timeline - set the values for the animate prop, and Motion will handle all of the animation coding for you.

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