UI vs UX - Difference between UI and UX

UI vs UX - Difference between UI and UX
August 18, 2021

The term arises, 'What is UI/UX designer' and what does UI/UX means in reference to web development. 

UI refers to the User Interface design whereas UX refers to the User Experience Design. Both elements work closely together and these two are the most confused and conflated terms in web development.

They are very crucial for the IT field and their role is quite different. A UI designer is a part of the UX team.

Skills every UI/UX designer should have visual communication, rapid prototyping, responsive design skills, business skills, and the ability to learn software development skills. 

Always remember one thing, when you entered into the field to become a UI/UX designer.

 “Practicing is the only thing that can help you to become perfect in any field”

What is a UI developer?

It is the graphical layout of the website which consists of the images, text, buttons, content, and layout. It is a multi-faceted and challenging role.

There are specific skills that will make your journey very smooth in this career. Learn some designing principles, before switching to this career like color, typography, balance, contrast, and consistency.

In this design, with the help of input devices and software, a user interacts with an application or a website. It is one of the most important parts of any program.

The goal of this design is to make the user's interaction as simple as possible.

There are several benefits of having a good user interface such as fewer errors, reduction of the development time, increases user satisfaction, customer acquisition, clarify of your vision, optimal on-screen experience, button display, gesture control and increases market share. 

UI developer basically uses HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript Libraries where HTML, CSS are the core languages for developing websites.

These are the languages from where you can begin your journey as a UI developer. These languages are also known as client-side scripting languages. 

The targeted areas of UI designers are micro-interactions, visual design, animated transitions, and stuff. UI designer cares about aesthetics whether the text is easy to read or not or advertisement uses color shouldn't be a clash. 

They are basically obsessed with human-computer interaction. Suppose if we are comparing Samsung and Apple phones and ask people which mobile phone they prefer, they said apple over Samsung. The question arises why apple even if both the products perform the same functions.

The answer is apple phone is much more intuitive than Samsung plus the user interface of the apple phone is more seamless as compared to the Samsung user interface.

Hence this is clear that a product should have a great appearance and better usability to attract customers then it is an example of great UI and great UX.

If either one of them is poor, then it is considered to be an inferior product. 

What is UX Designer?

UX designer deals with user behavior, emotions, and attitude about using a particular website or an app and includes a person's perception such as utility and ease of use.

This involves the design of the product, its usability, and its functions. Usability and UI are important aspects of User Experience design.

They don’t just focus on creating products but consider other parts of user experience also such as efficiency and pleasure while using that product.

They are user-centered. It’s an umbrella term that covers a number of different areas. In UI design, you should understand the creative process which is divided into four parts: Discover, Define, Develop, and delivery.

Discover includes the start of the project, Define process includes the creation of brief, develop includes where concepts and solutions are created and in the delivery stage, the final project has been launched.

If you want to make yourself familiar with design, then you should read articles and blogs related to design every day as a daily habit.

There are various tools available for web designing such as Sketch, Figma, Marvel app, Adobe XD or Invision app. You can also take help from a mentor who will let you know where you are doing mistakes in web designing.

A well-experienced UX designer makes website navigation simple. If a user is unable to find where to sign up or do extra activities on a website, then this is not a good sign of a UX designer. A good UX designer ensures that everything works smoothly when a user access website.

What do you need to get into this career?

Keep learning as practice makes a man perfect and it will broaden your skills definitely.

UI/UX designer is one of the most sought-after job titles in technology. It is rewarding, interesting, and challenging. You need to be comfortable with various web designing tools like adobe and sketch.

A person should be passionate, humble, and have a genuine interest in technology. If you feel that you have all the qualities, you surely can become a UI/UX designer.

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