Top YouTube Channels To Learn Web 3.0

Top YouTube Channels To Learn Web 3.0
April 29, 2022

If you've been feeling outpaced by technology and how it has changed the world, it might be time to start learning about what web 3 is. Web 3 is a decentralized internet and it is the 3rd iteration of the internet. It is made up of computers and there is no central server or organization like on the traditional internet. There are many benefits to this such as censorship resistance, security and privacy, freedom of speech, and more.

Here is a list of YouTube channels that will teach you about web 3.0.


Polycode is a youtube channel with over 14.6k subscribers that provides in-depth training videos on various topics. Topics that are covered include web 3, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. In addition to the video content, Polycode also has a website where people can go to learn more about new projects and find resources for creating their own projects.

Link: Polycode

Block Explorer

Block Explorer is a serverless channel built by the author to help teach developers about the complexities of decentralized apps. It contains videos and blog posts about serverless computing with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and web 3.0 applications. Videos are organized into categories like Introduction to Dapps, Getting Started With Smart Contracts, Learn Solidity, and Blockchain Basics.

Link: Block Explorer

Dapp University

Dapp University is a YouTube channel that provides educational tutorials about topics related to blockchain and web 3. They give a broad overview of key concepts, such as how blockchains work, the history of cryptocurrencies, and the future of blockchain technology. The goal of the channel is to create tutorials that are easy to understand and utilize without the jargon that can make it feel like information overload.

Link: Dapp University

Code Eater

Code Eater has all the latest in blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts and DApp development. The videos are designed to help users understand the main features of this new Internet-focused technology and how it can empower them with knowledge in order to leverage it for their benefit.

Link: Code Eater


EatTheBlocks is a youtube channel that covers blockchain and web 3 tutorials. This channel features many helpful tutorials on how to use the blockchain, as well as blockchain projects. The video tutorials are helpful for those who are just beginning their studies of blockchain technology and have no prior knowledge.

Link: EatTheBlocks


Whatever your level of experience may be, we’re confident that one of these channels will be perfect for you. So be sure to check them all out and see which ones suit your needs the best!

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