Top Web 3 Apps You Should Know

Top Web 3 Apps You Should Know
December 16, 2021

The future of the internet is changing fast and no one knows what's ahead. The 8th revolutionary change happening in the world of technology is the development of Web 3.0 and its applications, which will completely transform the way we use our computers. "It can be said without a shadow of doubt that the new paradigm of web 3.0 is software-defined." As many people are becoming more aware of how we consume and interact with the internet, we are seeing a shift in the way people create, distribute and utilize apps and websites. This shift is taking place thanks to Web 3.0 which has a variety of apps and technologies at its disposal.

The article starts with a basic definition of the term itself and then goes into detail about how it integrates with the major technologies you use every day.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a term that has been coined to describe a time where the decentralized web will take over. According to economist Steven Forbes, Web 3.0 is "already happening and this is an unprecedented era of human innovation". There are many new technologies emerging in the web world that are being backed by smart contracts, like IPFS and blockchain technologies. Web 3.0 is the next generation of the World Wide Web. It's a broad term that encompasses all the different types of technologies that are being developed to take advantage of the power of blockchain. Some examples include decentralized computing, decentralized storage, and new identity management protocols.

Web 3.0 is a term to describe the changes that have occurred in our society with the advent of the internet and technology as we've known it. We're living in a time when companies are sharing an ever-increasing number of services with their customers and they need support to meet those expectations. The company's mission is to create sustainable long-term relationships between businesses and their customers through an easy, affordable and productive platform that gives anyone access to unlimited information. It is different than past versions because it is decentralized, doesn’t require a server to function, and uses blockchain as its foundation.

Web 3 Apps Examples To Watch For

Web 3 is the third era in which people interact with the Web. Check out these examples of Web 3 apps to explore the possibilities you might find yourself interacting with in the world of pre-Web 3 apps:


The Sapien web 3 app is a decentralized social network and the first-ever tool to be released on the new, blockchain-based platform. It will allow users to create their own applications with no requirement for payment or ads. Sapien is a web app platform that allows users to create their own decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain. Sapien's platform provides the tools for their users to build and deploy apps in a few steps. Sapien is a web 3 platform that offers blockchain-based apps, services and technologies. It allows people to communicate, transact, share information and build communities through a set of self-sovereign tools. Sapien web 3 was created to offer everyone a way to organize their online life for free.


Storj is a decentralized storage solution that provides users with a way to store their data in an encrypted, redundant, and fault-tolerant manner. It uses the blockchain technology and offers many of the same benefits as cloud storage but using a distributed network. One of Storj's advantages is that it allows for uploading and downloading at any time without restriction. Storj allows users to choose an expiration date for their data, making it "self-destructing" in a sense. While this may be a relatively new technology, there are already some big names in the company such as Dropbox and Comcast who have partnered with Storj on integrating its solution.


Everledger is a company that uses blockchain to track items through their life cycles. This company tracks diamonds, wine, gold, and other belongings. From the time they log the item in until they log it out of the world's supply chain, Everledger keeps track of where and how the item was used. Everledger allows consumers to securely verify their purchases by scanning the Everledger's sticker. This is a big step for online security as it protects against fraud without any complicated passwords or other personal information. The company also has a patent pending on an RFID chip that will allow users to access items through an app, which would be really helpful for people who often lose their keys or smartphones.


With akasha on the blockchain, we can finally have a social network where users can create profiles, share content, build communities and even make money. There are no ads or dubious content in this platform. The akasha social network is the next step in the evolution of social media technologies. Unlike traditional social networks, which have a limited number of users, the akasha is an open platform for communities to connect with each other and share information. Users can share their thoughts, ideas and experiences in a way that keeps them within an individual community or group. The benefits of this are numerous as it creates engagement within communities and allows for user-generated content.


A job market that came about because of the blockchain technology, ethlance is an online platform that allows people to apply for jobs. The platform connects candidates to potential employers who will complete the process of finding a qualified applicant. It also provides freelancers with opportunities they might not have had before and removes barriers between employers and freelancers. Ethlance is a decentralized app for employers and for freelancers. It is the first decentralized talent marketplace that helps professionals reduce their costs and increase their profits. Freelancers can enjoy 100% ownership of their work, while artists and content creators can earn more than anywhere else. All payments are made in ETH, which makes it easy to connect with clients on a global scale.


Brave Browser is a new browser which promised to bring ad-blocker and privacy features that were previously only available on the desktop. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Brave Browser is a faster, safer alternative to mainstream browsers. Because of its security, it has been called "the most secure browser ever made." The Brave Browser is a new open source browser that blocks intrusive advertising and trackers and promises to protect the user's privacy using blockchain technology. It also has built-in cryptojacking protection, so users can support their favorite websites without running up their data plan.


LivePeer is an app that allows two people to communicate in real-time. It also lets people watch streaming video and record screencasts of their computer screen, which they will be able to save as a GIF or download as a video file. LivePeer is a decentralized, peer-to peer video streaming platform that runs on an Ethereum powered blockchain. LivePeer lets you broadcast live streaming video directly from your mobile phone to the platform, which provides multiple benefits for these apps. The first benefit is that it gives you a chance to charge more by selling the advertising space in your stream.

The Final Words

Web 3 is an ambitious project to rebuild the internet from scratch. Web 3 applications will be interoperable and decentralized, meaning that there won't be a single company or entity in control of what you do online. It is a set of new technologies that has been made possible due to the introduction of blockchain technology. The web 3 aims to move away from centralized servers by decentralizing the web and its data through various technologies such as DApps, IPFS, and sidechains. These apps can be found in gaming, betting, advertising, social media, messaging, dating, finance and logistics among many others.

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