Top 5 Static Website Generators to Build Fast and Scalable Websites

Top 5 Static Website Generators to Build Fast and Scalable Websites
September 01, 2021

Static website generators are a website development technique to create static web pages. These static pages can be published as HTML online for customers to read, but they cannot be edited by adding JavaScript or other elements.

Static sites are notably more durable in comparison with typical sites since they are created using text, HTML, and frequently JavaScript that is served to the website's viewer.

Meaning that these web pages are considerably less likely to encounter server-side issues upon execution. Static websites are a better investment because they’re faster and more flexible than dynamic ones.

Static site generators are also faster to set up than typical dynamic site generators like WordPress or Drupal.Here is the list of top static site generators that are used in the market:


Next.js is a modular framework to install and run server-side rendered JavaScript applications built with React JSX. The aim of this library is to build universal, blazing-fast dynamic single-page applications that load as fast as a website, give the developer tooling support for rapid full-stack development, and can be deployed to any public or private web server running Node.js with no additional requirements

Next.js is a framework for building universal JavaScript websites with minimal JavaScript code needed. It has features like next Router, Reducers, AJAX Routes, Server Side Rendering (SSR), and Rich Text Editor.



Gatsby is a powerful open-source framework that lets anyone create their own personal or company website. Gatsby provides frontend teams with the tools to build scalable websites. From marketplaces to eCommerce platforms, to content management systems.

The Gatsby framework is easy to use, produces websites quickly, and is built with features like

  1. Gatsby does automatic view generation on all your data.
  2. It has a rich plugin ecosystem to add features
  3. Gatsby automatically uses dynamic or static data and media with sensible defaults.
  4. Gatsby automates code-splitting, image optimization, inlining critical styles, lazy-loading, prefetching resources, and more to ensure your site is fully optimized.



Nuxt.js is a free and open-source framework that makes it easy to build universal web applications with JavaScript and Vue. Nuxt.js is a dynamic, in-built front-end technology that replaces a developers' back-end entirely in the manner of a static site generator in a way that can deliver better performance, simpler hosting requirements for developers or businesses, and more possibilities in what they create within the boundaries of this framework.

Nuxt.js is a framework for developing Universal Vue.js Applications with server-side rendering capability. Nuxt.js does not depend on any front-end framework, and thanks to its custom build-in Babel-based ES6/ES7 transformers and Vue's transformation, very few configurations and setup problems can arise.



Hugo is a whole lot more than just a static site generator. Hugo takes your input files and dynamically generates HTML files which can be served by any web server of your choices, such as Apache HTTP Server or the built-in netlify command-line tool. Hugo also comes with powerful themes to help you get started right away.

Hugo is a popular static site generator, so it's a fantastic choice for building sites as part of a JAMstack. The Hugo generator is a static site generator written in Go. It builds on the ideas of Jekyll, which is another blog framework that you might be familiar with



Static site generators convert templates into static HTML, which can be hosted without a content management system. The main purpose of Jekyll is to allow or enable consumers to generate a publishable website without a backend developer.

The Jekyll Static Generator is quite popular in CSS and HTML design, so it's likely you've either heard of it or know someone who uses it. The Jekyll Static Generator is an open-source project which runs on Ruby to provide automated blog publishing services for personal websites.


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