Top JavaScript Game Engines of 2023

Top JavaScript Game Engines of 2023
January 18, 2023

JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It was originally developed for use in web browsers but has found other uses including server-side scripting, game development, data visualization, and machine learning.

JavaScript is a classical programming language that it is come to be one of the first on the Web. It is used by many websites to enhance their content. JavaScript helps with animation, form validation, and data storage but also for interactive devices or games.

One of the things that developers always keep in mind is the Game engine. This is a program to which you can develop your game and that framework allows developers to code for specific needs relating to the videogame design such as graphics, object models, animation, and real-time physics.

Here we are going to see the top JavaScript Game Engines that will help you to build modern games.


Babylon.js is an open-source 3D JavaScript game engine for web browsers, which uses WebGL and Web Audio API to run games in a web browser without other plugins. It's used mostly for games based on the FPS genre but supports rich 3D worlds with convincing motion and hierarchies of moving objects, including built-in physics and real-time lighting.


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three.js is a JavaScript library that enables the creation of 3D computer graphics, using WebGL. Three.js, as its name might suggest, provides support for three-dimensional content by demonstrating how the library can handle 3D scenes and user interaction in browsers that support HTML5, such as Chrome and Firefox. There are lots of open-source files and documentation on the official website to help developers get started.



Pixi.js is a beautiful, fast, and lightweight 2D library with a very nice web-based editor for creating games. Pixi uses WebGL and WebAudio under the hood to interact with your device’s graphics card and speaker overlays respectively, adding considerably to the app's expressiveness, power, and flexibility.

PixJs is a framework for making 2D web-based games in javascript. It features many tools that are geared towards easing the development of simplistic browser-based games, but also offers more advanced tools.


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Phaser is a wildly popular open-source HTML5 game engine with capabilities to publish to any app store, compose interactive 3d worlds, display stunning video texture-filled graphics in real-time. It includes everything you need to load an image, creates object physics with Box2D or Chipmunk, animate sprites, plays music, and much more.

Phaser.JS is a free and open-source javascript game development framework created in 2011 and maintained and released by Photon Storm Ltd. It is designed for writing fast and fluid interactive 2D games with great graphics for desktops and modern web browsers without any need to use complex programming or scripting languages other than JavaScript.



GDevelop is a software toolkit with which you can design and create complete cross-platform graphical applications such as computer games, as well as sophisticated 3D animations. GDevelop is written in C++ and uses the SDL multimedia library. It is free and open-sources under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

GDevelop is a fast and easy way to create games for the web or Android making use of pre-made plugins developed by the team at GDevelop.


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