Top companies that are using ReactJs to build their website and mobile apps

Top companies that are using ReactJs to build their website and mobile apps
December 01, 2021

ReactJs is an open-source, Javascript library for building user interfaces. It is created at Facebook and became famous for its speed and simplicity. It's said to be (the) fastest front-end these days!

Breaking that down into what it does at the base level, ReactJs provides developers with tools that allow them to create observable user interfaces that are fast and can run on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux etc. It also allows developers to reuse code across devices.

ReactJs has emerged as a top front-end solution for user interfaces because it can handle various types of dynamic content on the page.

The main advantages of ReactJs

One of the most significant advantages of ReactJs is that it can be used to create interactive, fast, and high-quality interfaces.

This is because it doesn't require any HTML template coding. It also enables rapid changes in web pages without manual recompilations.

ReactJs has low chances of crashing apps since it's stateless and uses a Virtual DOM which underlies logic-heavy parts of the rendering process.

Here is the list of companies that are using ReactJs to build their websites or mobiles apps.

1. Facebook

Facebook is huge. Having its computing running on React's open-source Javascript library, ReactJs, it would be even huger. With more than 1.4 billion users worldwide, Facebook has built its social network based on the React framework, an open-source Javascript library with domain-specific features that focus on ease of use and being a data-driven application framework to build user interfaces.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a website that centralizes pictures, videos, and other multimedia created by users. The company has surpassed 200 million registered Pinterest users and has seen continued engagement on its site.

Pinterest website is written in React, which drives the main feed experience. The mobile app also comes with some React-native content. As it becomes more popular, companies are jumping on board to use this language for their sites and mobile apps.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft uses ReactJs in a number of web and mobile programs. Microsoft uses ReactJs to power some of their products like Visual Studio Code, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Microsoft mainly employs this library because it offers industrial stability, great performance, and strong cross-platform support.


ber is an American international on-demand transportation network that uses smartphones to connect drivers with those who need a ride.

Uber is one of the companies that use ReactJs. They built their user interface layer in order to switch between desktop and mobile-based on browser abilities and dimensions. The company also wanted to optimize the performance for users with limited connectivity.

5. Netflix

Netflix is one of the many companies which started using ReactJS for their web design. Netflix is one of the big companies to adopt this technology.

Netflix is a leader when it comes to adopting new technologies. They were one of the first companies to use ReactJS in order to create their TV interfaces and apps.

6. AirBnb is one of the most popular search engines on the web for anyone searching for travel accommodations. With over 300 million visitors on their site per month, they are constantly working to make improvements that not only resolve issues but also increase efficiency.

Airbnb is using ReactJs on both their website and mobile app because it allows them to create a better interface without needing an engineer on-hand full-time. This is saving them more money as well as time by using the same technology for websites and mobile app.

7. Udemy

React.js is quickly becoming one of the most popular front-end JavaScript libraries. Udemy is one of these companies that has built its mobile apps with React.js.

React speeds up the rendering of content on the screen because it doesn't require the browser to unload and reload pages for every response or interaction.

This means that users can scroll through lists much faster and that all actions are near-instantaneous as well as smoother, giving a more pleasant user experience

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