Top 5 Powerful SEO Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Top 5 Powerful SEO Tools Every Marketer Should Know
September 04, 2021

What is SEO?

"Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. "

It is the process of improving the exposure of a website or webpage in a web search engine's unpaid results. Techniques include deliberately increasing the page rank and thereby visibility, the exposure of contents used in such a ranking to such engines, or adding content (e.g. metadata). Today, search engines like Google and Bing not only look at keywords but also increasingly analyze site metadata and content quality - both factors that use for generating high-quality search engine rankings.

To optimize the webpage or for SEO developers need to take some actions like giving alt tag for the image, giving the right h1 tag, using the optimized image, giving a good user experience to the user, etc.

Why SEO?

As a Web Developer we can give a guarantee of Development of Website, But What is the use of the website if there are no users. So SEO helps us to rank on google for our targeted keywords and helps us to get users.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank the website on search engines like Google, Bing, and Duckduckgo and redirect unpaid traffic on your website.

List of Best SEO Tools to increase website Rank

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a product of SEO Expert Neil Patel. This tool can help us to get more traffic, get the content ideas, find which page is ranking for the given keyword. This SEO tool provides the following features

  • Domain Overview - Using this feature helps us to get an insight into the given domain, so we can analyze the competitor domain and could know what is working for them, which keywords and products they are targeting, how they are planning their content. So we could define our content strategy, product strategy to compete with the competitors or if your idea is new you can get the idea of how to plan the content and target the audience.
  • Top SEO Pages - Using this feature you can find which pages are ranking for a given keyword, So you can find the keyword difficulty, search difficulty so it will save your time by avoiding writing the content which is present.
  • Keyword Suggestion - This feature provides us keyword suggestions, If we enter a keyword then it gives a list of keywords so we can target more long-tail keywords. More keyword target - More traffic.
  • Content Ideas - Content can make you or make you. If you want content ideas then using this feature if you enter the keyword it will give you content ideas.


2. SEMRush

This tool is used by top companies like eBay, Quora, HP, etc. To check this tool you can get a free trial or can use their free features. It provides the following features

  • SEO Audit - You can schedule a weekly technical SEO audit and our Site Audit tool will automatically start crawling your website. You’ll get a notification in your inbox when it is finished.
  • Domain Analytics: In this feature, by entering domain name we will get Domain Authority Score, Organic Search Traffic Count, Paid Search Traffic Count, Backlinks to the site, Traffic Trends, Indexed page, etc.
  • Keyword Analytics: In the SEO feature after entering a keyword you will get Volume of the keyword, Keyword Difficulty, Cost per Click, Global volume(Nationwide volume), Variation of keywords so you can get related keyword ideas, Questions of Keyword like if you enter technology then it will suggest questions like what is technology, What is information technology, etc.
  • Traffic Analytics: Using this feature you can check the competitor's website or your website traffic analytics. Like how many visitors come on the site, unique visitors, pages per visit, Average page duration, bounce rate of the site, etc.
  • Topic Research: This is an awesome feature to choose the content topic after entering your expected topic name you will get the top headline of that topic, Top 10 interesting questions, Subtopics of the keyword, etc


3. Google Analytics

This is a favorite tool of all SEO masters, Website Owners, and Web Developers to see the stats of visitors to the website. Google Analytics is a free tool developed by Google.

Using this tool you can get insights into website visitors, and take the required decision to engage the users, bring more traffic and increase the revenue of your product.

This tool provides the following features:

  • Snapshot(Home) - On the Home page, you will get a snapshot of the website like home many users active at the current time, today or last seven days users count, Traffic channels, referrals, Source of the traffic, Active users comparisons by period, User retention, Session by Country, Session by Device, Pages visited by users.
  • Custom Dashboard - Using this feature you can customize your own dashboard so you can see the stats that you want, like, page views, page views by country, traffic source, google ads impression, google ads revenue, events, etc
  • Real-Time Report: In this section, you will see the stats of the real-time users. You can see active users by country, active users by device(Mobile or Desktop), Traffic Source of active users, Events, Conversion, and Active page.
  • Audience: In this feature of this SEO tool, you can get deep insights of website visitors like New vs Returning visitors, Age, Gender, Browser, Network, Mobile device name of the user, User interest, Cohort analysis, etc.
  • Acquisition: This feature shows how users have acquired the site. Like it gives an insight of Paid Ads Stats, Social Media Acquisition stats, Searches Console Insights, etc


4. Google Search Console

This is also the most used Free SEO tool used by SEO masters, Web developers, and Website Owners. You will get google search engine insights in Google Search Console.

Following are the features of this tool

  • URL Inspection: By entering the URL name you will get information of is URL is present on google or not, Is this URL is indexed by Google or not, and Also suggest the enhancements of Mobile Usability, AMP, Sitelink search box, and Logos.
  • Search Results:  In this section, you will get insights of search results of your website like how many impressions your webpage got, how many clicks your webpages got, CTR, Average position of all pages on google, For which keyword your page ranking, keyword clicks, impressions, position, devices, country, and Date.
  • Google Discover: This is a new feature launched by Google, These results are displayed on the user's Chrome browser in the news section by user interest, in this section you will get the insights of google to discover results like which page got clicks and impression on which date.
  • Coverage: This feature gives an insight into which webpage given in sitemap is indexed, excluded, or have Error
  • Sitemap: It shows which sitemap is getting crawled by google and shows the last crawled date.
  • Mobile Usability: Now 60-70% of webpage viewed on mobile, everyone uses mobile, using this feature you will get an insight for which page is valid for mobile and which has an error.


5. Keyword Everywhere

This is tool provides a plugin for Google Chrome and Firefox, Using this tool you can get the search volume of a keyword, CPC of the keyword, and Competition for the keyword.

When we search on google it shows the result on right-hand side of google result. Using this tool you can get the most searched keyword, their CPC, and Competition of the keyword so you can plan your content accordingly.


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