Top 5 No-Code Platforms in 2022

Top 5 No-Code Platforms in 2022
January 29, 2022

Traditional development involves investing labor, time, and finances creating something from the ground up - infrastructure, coding, testing, security. And while some developers are more talented or highly skilled than others, there are many barriers to entry including cost, the learning curve for new languages & methods, unfamiliarity with bootstrapping tools.

Code is hard and takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there is a new software boom called "no-code platforms" that can simplify the process with created tools and easy customization. Check out this list of the top 5 no-code platforms worldwide in 2022!

1. Bubble

Bubble is the best tool for building web apps without learning how to code. Building technology is tedious and expensive. Bubble provides you with the easiest no-code platform for creating digital content. You can build better and faster on Bubble.

Bubble is a drag-and-drop builder for interactive web applications on the web. It includes everything you need to create something like Facebook or Airbnb. You can build out your logic and manage your database easily on our drag-and-drop.

Bubble is a drag-and-drop website builder. You can build your website without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Also you can create mobile-friendly layouts and dynamic content with a perfect product for all your prospects, customers, or investors.


2. Glide

Glide lets you create Powerful apps from spreadsheets. In just five minutes, for free, anyone can easily build their own app for their business.

You can create your own app with one of our pre-built templates. You can start with any of the templates in the Template Store and change them to fit your needs.

With Glide you can build an app in 3 steps:

  1. Connect your Data - Connect your Google Sheet or start from a template.
  2. Customize your app - Customize your data to fit your needs before adjusting styles, layouts, and dimensions.
  3. Share with a link - Publish your app to the web and share the link with anyone you want.


3. Thunkable

With Thunkable you can create your own apps with no coding or design skills necessary. Whether you are looking to get hands-on with no-code app creation, looking to launch your business, or want to extend your existing product to mobile devices - they make it easy for you. You can create not just an app but a complete mobile website using their drag-and-drop system.

Thunkable is the best way to turn your hobby into an app with 50+ design components, easy animations, limitless logic blocks, and open integrations. People use Thunkable every day to create custom apps without writing a single line of code.

You no longer need to worry about publishing your app. They provide powerful direct deployment capabilities for Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and the Web.

Features of Thunkable

  • Drag and Drop Components
  • Advanced Logic
  • Device Native
  • Extensible Integrations
  • Direct Publishing


4. Usmo

If you are a startup company, Usmo is the fastest way to create an online presence. Create your own professional website in minutes-go live in hours.

You can start building your website with just a little effort. They have easy-to-use tools that will allow you to get up and running quickly, with blazing fast page speeds.

They create a website based on your product. You answer questions about the purpose of the site, and they'll show you what they think will work best. Their powerful editor gives you the flexibility to focus on your copy while still letting you have advanced customization.



Voiceflow is a platform that helps teams design, prototype, and launch voice assistants. It has a powerful conversation design, you can easily design contextual conversations with Voiceflow. You can also reuse components, use robust contextual models, export interaction models within our professional drag-and-drop design canvas.

Whether you have a few clients and collaborators or are part of a growing team, Desk makes it easy to share files, get feedback, test ideas, and hand off designs to developers.

Voiceflow prototypes allow for high-fidelity remote, unguided testing, and user testing. The application features built-in NLP/NLU, which allows you to test for either voice or chat interfaces or remotely control a screen with the mouse cursor.



While automation and custom development platforms offer a direct path to scaling efficient and repeatable processes for communications and marketing organizations of all sizes, there is a fine line between embracing automation and becoming disconnected from reality. Future simplification, easy customization, and integration are all crucial in order to compete in the fast-paced software marketplace.  

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