Top 5 Free Youtube Channels to learn Website Development

Top 5 Free Youtube Channels to learn Website Development
September 17, 2021

Learning a new skill is a difficult, yet rewarding process. Watching a video online and attempting to integrate what you see on the screen into your daily life can be difficult, however, If you can find some useful videos that offer quality information without being too short or lacking substance then they will be most likely likely to help you with your website development skills. In this blog, we identify five unique Youtube channels that are worth checking out!

1. Programming with Mosh 

Want to become a professional web developer? All you need is passion and determination, not a degree. Universities make you pay for the subjects you'll never use in the real world. Check this channel and take your first step towards becoming one!

You can develop software for living from the comfort of your bedroom. At programming with mosh, they give you all the resources you need to create powerful software engineering careers.

2. Edureka

Get started with buzzworthy technologies as quickly as possible. Their tutorials cover all the essentials from installation to day-to-day implementation. They also offer interactive live sessions and fun, animated videos along the way.


If you are a beginner who is interested in learning website development from scratch, then the freecodecamp youtube channel is the place. Based on understandability, this channel is absolutely one of the most comprehensive ways to learn website development from scratch online for free. It has videos that range from installing a WordPress site to making animations for websites, and it doesn't require any coding background knowledge thus anyone can watch and learn.

4. Website Learners

Website Learners was created to make building websites simpler & easier. Our goal is to make building websites faster & easier for everyone.

To help with your life, they want to simplify learning. Their videos will provide a great starting point for any topic you're interested in, and together we can learn just about anything.


The New Boston Channel helps beginners learn how to build websites with easy step-by-step guides for beginners. Since it is free, the beginner can focus on the content. This channel has an amazing lineup of videos. It has videos about how to create your site, what software is best for doing certain websites, and what kind of traffic you want to receive on your website. There are even some original tutorials!

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