Top 4 Easiest Programming Languages for Beginners

Top 4 Easiest Programming Languages for Beginners
November 17, 2021

Learning new things is hard! It's especially difficult when it comes to programming languages because if you haven't taken on any coding classes, your knowledge of computers might not be so expansive.

Not only that, you might feel disadvantaged when it comes to deciding on which programming language you should learn first. But don't sweat it! We've done the research on the four easiest languages for beginners so that you can come prepared for your next job interview or Bootcamp.

What are the top programming 4 languages for beginners?

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. Ruby
  4. Java

1. Python

Python is a programming language that emphasizes readability and its syntax uses indentation to indicate logical blocks. Python has fewer syntactical constructs than other languages and so it is actually very simple and transparent.

It is meant to let the programmer write readable sentences instead of lines and lines of code. A complete beginner can paradigm with Python in just a few hours.

Benefits of learning Python

If you are just starting to learn how to program, Python is a great language because it is fairly easy to read and write code. Python syntax ensures that the code is readable by both casual programmers and seasoned programmers.

Now python is one of the most used programming languages in the world, You can use python everywhere like in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Game Development, IoT application, Web Development, and Desktop Applications Development.

Best Resources to Learn Python: Link

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a powerful programming language currently used to develop all sorts of web pages. It's also important to mention that it has an object-oriented version, which makes it really flexible to use.

Used together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript can create all sorts of interactive effects on the page. For example, animate scrolling through photos or designing different menus.

Benefits of learning JavaScript

JavaScript is the best programming language in the world in 2021. JavaScript is used by almost all websites in the world. You can use JavaScript Everywhere like Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning, IoT Applications, Desktop Application Development. Even this website is built with JavaScript.

Top Mobile Apps and Desktop apps are built using JavaScript like Visual Studio Code, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tesla App, Airbnb, etc.

It continues to be a popular programming language today with its easy integration of libraries and frameworks, quick code prototyping, and availability of many browsers. If you're a complete beginner wanting to explore new languages then JavaScript is an excellent starting place!

JavaScript is always a good choice if you want to be a software engineer. In the early 90s, JavaScript went mainstream because it could be accessed from within a web browser. If you are a beginner or experienced developer I suggest going with JavaScript because later you can go into any field in software development.

Best Resources to Learn Python: JavaScript


Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language designed to make coders happy. It is very easy to read and write and gives insight into what they are typing as they go along.

Ruby is a dynamic, open-source programming language that runs on various operating systems including macOS, Windows, and Unix. Ruby is appropriate for beginners because it emphasizes simplicity and does not make assumptions about the structure or layout of code. It was designed to be flexible, but still, be powerful enough to implement many foundational concepts.

Benefits of learning Ruby

There are many benefits to learning the beautiful language Ruby. It is a complex enough language to write long branching scripts, yet easy enough for even a novice to understand quickly. In addition, it has a large community of developers that can help you when you have problems or just need a solution in your line of work.

Best Resources to Learn Python: Ruby

4. Java

Java is a computer programming language and computing platform. It's one of the most popular languages in the world and it's used for general-purpose programming. You can use java to write desktop or online applications, beans, servlets, middleware, and javabase.

Java is an object-oriented programming language that can run on most operating systems. It consists of both a programming language (which you use to create programs) and an integrated development environment (that allows programmers to easily create, compile, debug, and run programs).

Benefits of learning Java

Java is ranked as one of the easiest programming languages for beginners because it has a lot of easily-learned syntactical structures, requires no special software, and can be learned entirely online. Furthermore, Java is recognized by top IT organizations, which means that if you want to pursue a career in the industry then this may be the right skill to develop.

Best Resources to Learn Python: Java


This article has covered the 4 easiest programming Languages to use for Beginners. These are JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and Swift. This is not an extensive list of languages but simply a few of the most popular ones for beginners to play with.

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