The Top Online Courses for Beginners to Become a Cloud Computing Expert in 2022

The Top Online Courses for Beginners to Become a Cloud Computing Expert in 2022
February 03, 2022

Few technologies have changed the IT industry as profoundly as cloud computing. Moving a business to the cloud allows it to share resources and achieve higher levels of scalability, elasticity, and reliability – delivering a wealth of benefits that make this transformation a necessity for many organizations.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a relatively recent concept. Besides removing the need for an on-site computer, it provides software and hardware without the need of owning them. It also enables organizations of any size to access resources and applications.

Cloud computing can greatly improve productivity by integrating different tools that allow for greater automation and analytics of resources and data.

With the rise of online courses in recent years, it feels like their options are endless. Whether you're looking for a go-to beginners course or need to take something more intermediate level for specific skills, here's your ultimate shortlist of the best cloud computing courses you need!

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS for Beginners

Learn Cloud Computing concepts and AWS Basics. Master Amazon Web Services on your own time without having to go on expensive courses.

This course will teach you cloud computing principles. The concepts you'll learn are based on fundamental systems that power the cloud, so it's a good place to start if you have no knowledge of the cloud yet.

This Introduction to Cloud Computing on Amazon AWS course takes you from the AWS basics to being a competent AWS cloud practitioner. You'll learn general concepts and foundational knowledge that stresses practical, hands-on skills.

The course will move quickly from fundamentals right through to advanced concepts. You'll also build your skills using many of the core Amazon Web Services (AWS) services. Ideal for beginners - absolutely no cloud computing experience is necessary.

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2. Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is an entry-level course for those interested in the services of Amazon Web Services. It's great for assessing how well you understand AWS, its services, and other related items.

it covers the in-food range of topics on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLP-C01 exam. You will get 300+ slides available as downloadable PDFs.

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3. Getting Started with Cloud Computing - Level 1

Cloud computing and cloud services are all around you and will affect your life, whether you are a software developer, IT professional, system administrator; IT manager; solution architect; project manager; marketer; product manager; sales engineer, or security expert.

You need to start with something so this is the first course in a larger training program, "Getting Started with Cloud Computing," dedicated to the important subject of cloud computing.

The training program is divided into several levels enabling students to start from scratch and grow their knowledge step by step or maybe select a specific level according to their knowledge and experience.

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4. Cloud Computing for Beginners with Microsoft Azure

Learn all about the different services for Azure such as Web Applications, App Services, Cloud Services, Virtual Machines, and Databases. Transfer your old website to The Future of hosting with Azure Web apps - or create a brand new one!

This course will teach you, Azure. You will learn how to create websites in Azure, deploy web apps in Azure, and where to host your Virtual Machines and Databases in Azure.

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