The Top 10 Software Companies in the World in 2021

The Top 10 Software Companies in the World in 2021
November 14, 2021

The software industry is changing rapidly with trends, technologies, and competition changing daily. From applications to operating systems to development tools, the top software companies in the world are delivering innovations that push business limits and inspire new ways of solving old problems.

With so much variation in this competitive landscape, it's challenging for the leaders in the space to stay on top of what's new or keep up with what's next; trends are not static. But when it comes to innovating, nobody knows more about software technologies. The top 10 rankings are done by a market cap of the companies as of Nov-2021.

10. SnowFlake

SnowFlake is a software company that specializes in data warehousing. They have been in business for 22 years.

Snowflake is a data warehouse platform that invents its own, proprietary form of data warehousing - an Apache Spark-based solution. This enables Snowflake to provide all the benefits of any commercially available DBMS, with built-in scalability, protection, stability, and low resource consumption.

Market Cap: $116.29 B

Country: USA

Official Website:

9. ServiceNow

ServiceNow was founded in 2003 and has a current valuation of approximately $5.9 billion USD. Today, it is on the verge of passing SAP to become the second-largest business application company in cloud computing.

ServiceNow provides a suite of on-demand services aimed towards enterprise IT operations, IT service management, customer service operations, and human resources service management.

Market Cap: $137.28 B

Country: USA

Official Website:

8. SAP

SAP is a market-leading enterprise software company that develops, maintains, provides, and invests in software products to help customers of all sizes and industries. SAP is a German multinational software company that creates and sells business software and provides services.

The company uses a proprietary database called SAP HANA to store data on a hardware-independent platform. SAP's product suite includes software programs that serve the needs of enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management, manufacturing, distribution, finance, human capital management, and energy/utilities.

Market Cap: $169.27 B

Country: Germany

Official Website:

7. Intuit Inc

Intuit, Inc. is an American software corporation founded in 1983 that provides financial, accounting, and tax preparation software for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. 

Intuit Inc. is the maker of accounting software TurboTax, Quicken, and Quickbooks, along with payroll software for small businesses, personal finance portfolios, banking services, and providing small businesses with storage for their data. 

Market Cap: $177.68 B

Country: USA

Official Website:

6. Oracle

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States.

It offers a broad range of products and services including the proprietary Oracle Database; enterprise-level security and systems management software; application software in categories such as financial and risk management and productivity applications; and consumer electronics including the Java platform.

Oracle is pioneering a new class of data storage and processing resource from large general-purpose servers to massively scaled clustered computers to grid computing infrastructures, as well as the all-flash system product lines for performance-intensive segments such as online transaction processing, data warehousing, and applications servers. 

Market Cap: $255.70 B

Country: USA

Official Website:

5. Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that leads the pack in this particular field. Referred to as "the best CRM service for small businesses," Salesforce has an intuitive dashboard that offers tools for organizing leads, tracking opportunities, making reports, etc.

Salesforce also offers integrations with other services like Dropbox and Oracle, meaning businesses can get more done without upgrade costs. Salesforce effectively pioneered the idea of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and leads the world in applications related to marketing and sales automation.

Market Cap: $300.21 B

Country: USA

Official Website:

4. Adobe

Adobe is one of the most recognizable brands in multimedia and creative software. No matter what type of software you need — including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Adobe has it at a reasonable price you won't want to pass up. With their ever-growing family of products, there's no doubt that this company is here to stay.

It's best known for creating CS5, Photoshop, and the Creative Design Suite. It produces software for creative cloud services and creative projects. Adobe also owns companies such as Audition and Axio which help with graphic design and video editing respectively.

Market Cap: $312.88 B

Country: USA

Official Website:

3. Alphabet (Google)

Google is an international technology giant that strives to create products for the benefit of the public. Some of its most well-known services are Google Maps, Gmail, Chromebooks, and Youtube. Google spends a lot of time building relationships with publishers to provide content that people find relevant in search engine rankings.

Google's best-known products are the search engine and the Web browser, but it also produces a number of other applications, including email solutions, cloud management software, server software, and so on.

Market Cap: $1.979 T

Country: USA

Official Website:

2. Apple

Apple's rank as one of the top software companies in the world is directly due to its focus on design. Their products and services are unified with a style that creates an unrivaled product experience. Apple has dominated this list for years now and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, especially with the release of new Apple hardware such as smartwatches or cars.

Apple traces its roots to 1976, when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded the company. Their products popularized Apple products worldwide. One of the most notable was the iPod digital media player which revolutionized how people listen to music on the go.

In many ways, Apple computers, iPhones, and iPads have redefined how we create and experience the world. Steve Jobs is largely credited with jump-starting today's digital revolution more than 30 years ago, with visionary gadgets that often put style ahead of technological novelty. Apple products are recognizable symbols of high-quality products that deliver a near-perfect user experience.

Market Cap: $2.460 T

Country: USA

Official Website:

1. Microsoft

When it comes to the forefront of computer technology today, there is no company that is more always at the top than Microsoft. The company was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. The most recognized product they release is the Windows operating system and they currently have one of the largest downloads.

Microsoft's origins started in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and were incorporated around 1975. Bill Gates and Paul Allen met while attending a private school and developed an interest in computers. They wrote software for other projects while still in school, such as the system that ran the Port of Seattle goods traffic under a contract from Boeing.

The top services of Microsoft are - Azure, Linkedin, Microsoft 365, GitHub, Windows OS, Bing, etc.

Market Cap: $2.528 T

Country: USA

Official Website:

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