The Big Difference Between Front-End, Back-End, And Full-Stack Developers

The Big Difference Between Front-End, Back-End, And Full-Stack Developers
March 29, 2022

Many people when they hear the term, "Full-stack Developer," assume that this is a developer who is capable of designing, writing code, and managing servers. However, while there are some developers out there who can do this, most "full-stack developers" fall into one of those three categories: Front End, Back End, or Full Stack. These are three different ways to push forward a website or uses the web.

This article explores the major differences between each position and how it's related to what you're trying to achieve with your website.

What is the Difference Between a Front End, Back End, and Full-Stack Developer?

There are three types of software developers found in today's workforce: front-end, back-end, and full stack. Although they all go by the same name, they are vastly different in their tasks. A front-end developer primarily uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop a website or application. Back-end developers typically use languages like ASP.NET or PHP to create websites that run on servers. A full stack developer typically doesn't specialize; therefore, they can design and develop both front-end and back-end applications based on their expertise with multiple programming languages.

Starting as a Front End Developer

Front-end developers design web pages by taking user's wants and ideas from them without the need for coding. This includes content management systems, interactive media, company websites, and of course, apps. They usually deals with the client side of websites which means they use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make patterns on their website that is made up of different characteristics such as text, images, and other content. Front-end developers are now in greater demand than back-end developers because they require less programming knowledge and often offer higher salaries.

Starting as a Back End Developer

A back-end developer is someone who designs and maintains the technology that runs on the server. They mostly build databases, are the data architects, and manage server functions such as billing, ordering, stock taking, market research and forecasting. They also creates applications using technologies like Java and Excel. A back-end developer is a programmer that handles all of the communication with the database. They are responsible for creating, modifying, and updating the programming language and databases to create new features for users of an app

Starting as a Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are software developers who work like engineers within a company. They don't only write code for the front-end section but also to support the back-end systems that keep everything running. These developers are the ones who take care of all aspects of a project. There's no point in having someone being on your team if they only specialize in one tiny part of the project, so that person won't be able to handle other problems when they arise. Because of this, full stack developers are often more expensive and have more complex skills than web developers or back-end developers after they've created the front end.

Concluding Thoughts

A front-end developer usually starts by creating the graphical interface of a website. They make sure that a website is responsive, user-friendly, and have a smooth transition between web pages. There's also the back-end developer who create all the files that are needed for a website to work such as coding languages, databases, analytics software, databases, and more. Finally, we have other types of developers like full-stack developers who can do both web development and coding training

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