The Basic Project Templates in Tizen Studio and How to Use Them

The Basic Project Templates in Tizen Studio and How to Use Them
November 21, 2022

In 2015, Samsung Electronics unveiled Tizen OS, a specialized operating system targeting Samsung Smart devices. Tizen Studio, a Tizen IDE, is required to create Smart TV apps for Samsung Smart TVs because Tizen OS powers them. Tizen Studio provides numerous template options for Samsung TV app developers to construct Tizen apps. Here in this post, we'll talk about them.

Why get a Tizen App?

Samsung Electronics currently owns 29.4% of the international Smart TV share of the market, despite a 48% decline in sales in the initial quarter of 2022. Unquestionably, Samsung is the market leader for Smart TVs. Samsung announced in 2015 that Tizen OS would operate their smart devices. The main Samsung goods running on Tizen OS, however, are the Samsung Smart TVs because of their deal with Google that took place in 2021 to make their wearable smart devices to be operated by the Android-derived Wear OS and Samsung smartphones already using Android. For businesses who pursue Smart TV as a platform, creating Tizen apps is essential given that the majority of worldwide Smart TV consumers possess a Samsung Smart TV.

An operating system built on Linux called Tizen OS was created in C, C++, and HTML5. Tizen apps must be specifically created with Samsung Smart TVs under focus due to this. Tizen Studio greatly simplifies the process of creating Tizen apps. An all-in-one IDE called Tizen Studio aids in the design, development, construction, and testing of Tizen apps.

The Tizen Studio's Tizen Project Wizard aids in the creation of Tizen apps. It provides four project templates for developers to pick from or base their apps on. We will learn about the many project templates that Tizen Studio offers developers in this blog.

The Project Templates in Tizen Studio

Samsung's Tizen apps are created with the Tizen Project Wizard, which is a Tizen Studio tool, as I've already mentioned. An overview of said project templates can be seen below.

Basic Project Template

The Basic Project template is quite helpful for beginning developers because it includes many prebuilt elements that might be needed for a simple but functional Tizen app. A keycode handling script is also present in the main.js file of this template. For a Tizen app to enable remote controller functionalities, this template is required.

When is it appropriate to select the Basic Project Template?

The Basic Project Template might be great for you if you are new to creating Tizen apps and want to experiment with Tizen Studio before starting a complicated project.

CAPH empty Templates

As implied by its name, the CAPH empty template is built on CAPH. An AngularJS or jQuery-based Web application UI development framework is CAPH. The most recent version of CAPH, 3.1, has a number of prebuilt UI elements that can be integrated into any Tizen app to create a publishing-ready application easily.

The components include those for adding scrollable lists, allowing directional keys on remote controls, and adding toggle and radio buttons as well as checkboxes, dialogue boxes, drop-down menus, and other UI elements. Additionally, CAPH 3.1 enables touchscreen compatibility for your software. In addition to these, CAPH is well known for its ability to make the most of the TV hardware's graphic processing in order to produce spectacular graphics.

When is it appropriate to use the CAPH empty Template?

When you need to design a typical mobile application quickly, this template is perfect. Without needing to individually design each feature, you may add many essential functions that are required in a Smart TV app using this template. Despite the CAPH empty template's limited customization options, you can still apply enough modifications to your Tizen app while using it.

Empty Template

Faithful to its name, the empty template really is empty. The empty template simply contains three files: an uncomplicated icon.png one which Tizen Studio utilizes as the project's icon, a config.xml file for managing your project's configurations, as well as an empty index.html page. With the help of this template, you may create each individual part of your Tizen app exactly how you want it. Naturally, there is the most room for personalization with this template.

When is it appropriate to use the Empty Template?

The empty template works best when creating intricate but fully customized Tizen apps. It goes without saying that the developers would need to have the expertise and knowledge to develop utilizing the empty template.

jQuery Navigation Template

A template called jQuery Navigation is used to create apps with jQuery Mobile. It enables you to add jQuery Mobile widgets that will help your app engage with user inputs effectively. A Smart TV or web app may require a number of the jQuery Ui elements that are included in the template.

When is it appropriate to use the jQuery Navigation Template?

You may create your app without using CAPH by using the iQuery Mobile UI framework found in the jQuery Navigation template. The fact that jQuery Mobile uses Ajax to render webpages into DOM is one of the most intriguing benefits of using it. This greatly improves the effectiveness and speed of user engagement with your apps.

How can you use the Tizen Studio project templates?

Simply follow these steps. 

The Tizen Project Wizard provides the project templates in Tizen Studio. The Tizen Project Wizard must therefore be opened first in Tizen Studio:

  • In the Tizen Studio toolbar, select File > New > Tizen Project from the Menu option.
  • Choose New in the Tizen Studio interface after that.
  • The Tizen Project Wizard would successfully launch 
  • Pick Template>Next
  • Profile and Version > Customize > Next
  • Next, Application Type>Web Application>Next

This will take you to the following window from where you can choose your desired Template to develop your Tizen App.


Developing a Tizen app for Samsung Smart TVs might be crucial from the perspective of expanding your enterprise in 2022. One has to make use of the Tizen Studio, which offers some project templates as the foundation of the Tizen apps. We discussed these templates and how to use them in this blog. 

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