The 9 Best CSS Libraries for Web Designers

The 9 Best CSS Libraries for Web Designers
March 20, 2022

Have you ever thought about starting your own website but didn’t know where to start? When creating websites, a lot of time and effort can be expended if you aren't careful. In the past we've seen developers neglect the basics during development by simply not paying enough attention to their colors, fonts and layout with CSS.

That's where these libraries come into play - simple tools which help save time by enabling browser/developer-based fixes.


Water.css is a lightweight CSS library that was made so simple web developers could add their own CSS effects quickly and easily. The website includes the library, the code editor called Water, and the documentation. The best thing about it is its ease-of-use and the name, which is the programmer's equivalent of Bisquick, making the name an apt comparison for extremely simple tasks. It doles out straightforward functions like max-height for endless divs, opacity for CSS gradients, or vertical-align as needed. With its rich functionality and clean appearance, this tool is definitely worth trying out.


This library works with every browser and allows you to select from over 200 animations that range from simple to complex effects. With just three lines of code, the spin property can make your page span around its own axis! All the core functionalities are available out of the box and there are no external dependencies required when including the library. This makes it easy for smaller teams to use this library effectively. The concept of using animations for elements that can be used across browsers is nothing new. However, with the increasing popularity of JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React, this functionality is becoming more relevant. 

Magic CSS

Magic CSS animations are a set of simple, fun animations that can be found in any project. The site includes a variety of pre-made animations like the die-rolling, shake-a-scarecrow, or a "super skelly." Adding Magic CSS to your site makes it seem that anything was possible with CSS. Magic CSS come equipped with nine different collection of animations that are easy to use and customize. The animations include roll, scatter, clash, firework, shuffle, reveal, punchline and swing. They can be used on standard elements to create 3D effects, or to take effect when an element is clicked on in menu systems or during hotspot entry.

The CSS Cascade

The CSS Cascade is an amazing library for easing complexity in multiple browsers. When dealing with issues like cross-browser support and performance, the CSS Cascade is a great resource to use. It lets you work on one codebase and have it be compatible with all the major browsers. The CSS Cascade library teaches you all things CSS, including what properties to look out for in the name of your choices such as fonts and background colors. This collection of tutorials, articles, and guides will teach you everything you need to know about performing basic tasks with CSS.

Cube CSS

CUBE CSS is a library of helpful HTML and CSS code. Some of the neat items are the CUBE CSS grid, which has different views for easier to use. The theme also uses responsive design, which makes sure that it maximizes the screen size for all devices. This library is highly customizable and aesthetically pleasing. It offers a large selection of animations with 17 pre-defined classes to choose from and 889 others for customization! With this option, there are no limits on where and why to use an animation because it is so versatile.

Primer CSS

Primer CSS is a CSS library that is designed to make your site easier to print and make it easier for every day people (like you!) to work with. Browsers can make certain changes, like hiding pretty background gradients, but they don't always address complex issues like size breakpoints and font-densities. Primer CSS is a browser LESS framework designed to teach front-end coding. It's simple, robust, and has a short code base. Primer CSS requires little installation, and is also responsive. In addition to helping with code, the kit includes an official theme (Mood) that can be used as a starting point of your own project.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a full-featured, Photoshop-like stylesheet library that helps designers create complex pages in minutes. It's able to manipulate, transform, style and animate anything you'd like. Tailwind generates fully functional website designs with just CSS code so that all developers can work on some of the styling for a change. This library caches assets locally to improve performance. It optimizes images, fonts, and Javascript. It also has prebuilt styles which enable you to focus on your content instead of catching up with design updates- which reduces compatibility issues.

Raisin CSS

Raisin CSS is as a less popular, more accessible alternative. It's a simple, open-source CSS framework with only 100kB in weight right out the box. Raisin CSS is a lightweight, standards-based CSS processor for Node.js that aims to make it easier to write, maintain and reuse CSS code. The project is named after the raisin bread cookie recipe in Sarah's Cakess Cookbook by David Lebovitz. It's new and constantly changing into something better and nicer looking. The "wrapper" styling element on Raisin CSS uses shadows because they impart an elegance that other codes aren't doing.

Atomize CSS

Atomize is a tiny and easy-to-use CSS Framework made specifically with developers in mind. Atomize is a collection of code-splitting and CSS pre-processing. This piece allows us as developers to easily split out styles, media queries, and JavaScript into one place. The project started out as a port of the ZURB Foundation Framework, but has already taken on a life of its own. It sets the foundation for multiple frameworks, but even those curious to explore their features can get up and running within minutes by simply including the CSS in their document.

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