The 6 trending aspects of AI that you need to know

The 6 trending aspects of AI that you need to know
February 10, 2022

The exponential development of artificial intelligence has created many new opportunities, but it also provides a number of challenges to businesses who wish to deploy AI and machine learning. With that in mind, this article discusses 6 AI trends that you should familiarize yourself with and may have to use skillfully in the years ahead.


Cybersecurity is vital to human life due to the misuse and lack of understanding of cybertechnology. AI has been developed recently and has been integrated with cybercrime prevention that benefits modern society immensely. Providing support for CyberCrime Prevention, CyberSecurity provides a broader approach by creating cost-effective solutions. A recent study conducted by ICERT reveals that there is a significant increase in the number of cybercrimes as well as its severity. With this recent push, companies are now integrating Artificial Intelligence systems to tackle the problem. In addition, AI has also been integrated in personal devices such as Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa.

Connectedness of Object Behavior

One of the most promising applications of AI is connected objects. Using a predictive model, machines can naturally react to a stranger encountering their property in order to protect it. Self-driving cars and drones make up two signs of this trend. Other categorizations of AI include computer vision technology, voice recognition, and web search. Many Companies are moving towards artificial intelligence because, as mentioned, it’s decisive to empower your business. Employer-customers can now come together quite easily by using the online AI platform’s skill-based AI and machine learning. The trend is all so pervasive that industry has started following robotic assistants across the board and AI especially.

Rise of chatbots

We are starting to see chatbots that can provide answers to consumers' queries and questions, including ones they might not be able to find a human-credible, knowledgeable answer for. This is due to the rise in popularity of smart home assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google Home. Chatbots have also made their way into customer service from healthcare providers to auto companies Chatbots and text messaging apps, along soundtrack by Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes,” are taking over the internet. In 2021, 55 billion texts were sent through Snapchat and 57 billion words were sent through Facebook Messenger. This latest development in digital technology is going to dramatically change the way people communicate.


Automation is more advanced when it comes to content, whether it's automated marketing, predictive analytics and error rates, or creating content that generates buzz. Known for its ability to learn like humans do by adapting to needs and contexts, artificial intelligence is rewriting the paradigm of what marketing can be in an interactive digital world. Machine learning is already ubiquitous in the consumer space, but we haven't seen nearly as much action in the enterprise. For example, customer service agents are being replaced by chatbots and voice assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Assistant. Salespeople now use CRM tools that use machine learning to autonomously decide who to call next. At present, it appears widespread hyperautomation is an idea whose time has come- but as with any technology or process there are considerations for implementing and adopting.

Giving AI a voice

The trend of using AI in marketing, as a new type of customer interactions technology, is on the rise. Not only can it be used in customizing and improving services but it has also proven to point out new customer behavior trends such as certain habits such as watching clips of friends’ social media feed or spending more time on site browsing than actually returning purchases. In 2021, people are talking more and more about AI. While some talk about how AI is our brave new world and others that fear it is coming for us, the truth remains that AI has established itself as an essential part of society. As these technologies continue to change and evolve, there is one aspect that really stands out from all the rest and is yet to reap the benefits… To truly utilize AI we must give it a voice!

Natural Language Processing

Relying on automatic classification, NLP has the capability for complex and accurate data simplification where it can classify input text and then create desired outputs. The relatively recent technique favors using a database which can be more flexible in making search to answer questions. This releases from over complication needed for storing and circulating information In natural language processing systems, users can have a better understanding of their conversations or text-related decisions by analyzing the contextual information of what they say. In this way, NLP can also help detect mental disorders that users may not be aware of.


It's no surprise that the role of AI in marketing has exploded. The benefits it provides, like automation and cutting down on employee costs and customer service, are undeniable. These are the main aspects of Artificial Intelligence being discussed at the moment that you need to know in order to stay ahead of your competition.

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