The 7 Google's Open Source Projects That Every Web Developer Should Know

The 7 Google's Open Source Projects That Every Web Developer Should Know
December 25, 2022

Good website developer bases themselves on their skill set by knowing about a certain set of technologies and open source projects. All developers work in different ways, but there are some projects out there that we all need to know more about

If you're a Web developer, then you definitely need to know more about open-source projects in order to succeed in your career. To help you out, We have compiled this list of 7 of Google's top open source projects that every web developer should know.

1.V8 - A high-performance JavaScript engine

V8 is a JavaScript engine that can run standalone or be embedded into any C++ application. It compiles JavaScript to machine code before executing it, handles memory allocation for objects, and garbage collects objects it no longer needs.

This departure from traditional techniques places more emphasis on the website's experience and the development of web applications. This opening in the field allows JavaScript to run much faster, which improves users’ experience of the web, paves the way for the rapid development of server-side JavaScript through projects like Node.js, and spurs rapid growth of JavaScript as well as other related technologies.

Link of the project -

2. WebP - An image format with support for lossy and lossless compression

WebP is a format that creates smaller, richer images. It supports both lossy and lossless images, offering 25-34% smaller files compared with JPEG of equivalent quality.

Link of the project -

3.WebM - A high-quality video format for the web

WebM is an open and royalty-free video format for use in the HTML5 video tag. WebM defines the file container structure, video, and audio formats, and it consists of video streams compressed with the VP8 or VP9 video codecs and audio tracks compressed with Vorbis or Opus audio codecs.

Link of the project -

4. Firebase SDK - Firebase is an app development platform with tools to develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money

Firebase is a software development kit that allows developers to quickly and easily build, grow, and make money from their mobile apps with integrated tools.

The Firebase SDK provides access to the Firebase API in an intuitive and idiomatic way for several platforms. Firebase has open-source projects that deliver a level of transparency and help the community grow.

Link of the project -

5. Angular - A web application framework for mobile, desktop, and web

Angular is a development platform that allows developers to produce websites with consistent styles, and easier test outputs, and empowers their developers for fluid, empowered experiences.

Angular is used in public-facing applications and sites such as Google Cloud Platform and AdWords, as well as many internal tools.

Angular facilitates the use of highly cohesive components, which can make your app richer and more reusable.

Each component is a self-contained unit that has its own view, logic, and style. This makes it easier to build and maintain large applications, as you can work on individual components rather than the entire application at once.

Link of the project -

6. - An open-source catalog for sharing web components built by developers around the world

Web Components are a new set of web platform features that allow developers to build custom HTML elements they can encapsulate and reuse.

For example, if you want to create a new element for your website, you can just write some HTML and JavaScript code. Then you need to specify which properties it has and what it does when it is clicked.

The site is a public catalog where anyone can contribute their open-source web components for the community to demo and use.

Link of the project -

7. Traceur - A JavaScript transcompiler that allows you to use future features today

Traceur is a JavaScript compiler for the next generation of browsers. It allows you to use features targeting the future today without needing to migrate your application from another language. Traceur supports features from ES6 as well as some experimental ES7 features.

Traceur helps developers automatically update the code to make sure they are writing clearer and more accurate programs. Traceur can try out new and proposed language features today, helping you say what you mean in your code while informing the standards process.

Link of the project -

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