Simple Guide to IDO Launchpad Development

Simple Guide to IDO Launchpad Development
July 05, 2022

Initial Offerings were initially intended to raise money by selling stock in companies. The entire stock market's financial structure was built on the company investments. Due to the problems with traditional banking, cryptocurrencies emerged on the blockchain technology's journey into financial services. Even more startup enthusiasts were looking to blockchains for their businesses as the technology became more widely used. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were created with parameters to use in the crypto world. It included the initial token offerings  of ICOs, the token sales of IEOs, and Decentralized Crowdfunding Launchpad (IDO). Each was developed sequentially to address the same issues as its predecessors. 

Platforms for hosting these campaigns were developed in conjunction with IDOs. These have been termed  "IDO launchpads" in the blockchain world and may be found all over the place. Let's explore more about IDO Launchpad and things related to its development.

How can IDO Launchpad Supportive?

A Decentralized IDO Launchpad is a platform to list and host IDO initiatives that are in development. Investors can purchase the IDO tokens of these promising projects. They rely heavily on the liquidity in the market. The liquidity pool determines the IDO tokens' liquidity. These can be exchanged for stable coins and cryptocurrencies within the decentralized environment. 

In order to create the best IDO launchpad, one or more blockchains must be used. When it comes to IDO launchpad development, the most commonly used blockchains are: 


  • More than 90% of worldwide transactions for blockchain-based applications occur on Ethereum, making it the legend of the blockchain world. 
  • The blockchain also has a remarkable mechanism that ensures quality while providing security and reliability at the same time. 
  • Due to their endurance and desirable features, Ethereum-based IDO launchpads are among the most widely used cryptocurrency markets. 

Binance Smart Chain(BSC) 

  • As the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) runs alongside the Binance blockchain, it takes advantage of all the beneficial characteristics of the main chain. 
  • There's a lot of competition between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.  The latter is second only to Ethereum in terms of tokens created. 
  • As a result of the BSC's reputation for speedy transactions, it has a distinct advantage over other well-established blockchain networks for IDO launchpads. 


  • Polygon, a layer-2 protocol of the Ethereum blockchain, was previously known as Matic and promises to address issues relating to transaction speeds and gas fees. 
  • By running on Ethereum, Polygon can take advantage of the chain's high levels of security and reliability while also ensuring that any issues with Ethereum are addressed. 
  • Polygon-based IDO launchpads can take advantage of the best of both worlds, making it possible for their projects to attract a broader range of investors.


  • Solana can process 5,000 transactions per second compared to other Blockchain networks. The cheap transaction fees make it a perfect platform for Initial Dex Offering Development
  • Before investors may get their IDO tokens stated in the Solana launchpad, the business project's tokens will be randomly distributed. 
  • Decentralized and scalable applications are at the heart of Solana's design. Only confirmed investors can access an IDO launchpad powered by Solana, which maintains a stringent KYC process. 

Step to Step Guide to IDO Launchpad Development

Here is an easy guide about the process of developing an IDO launchpad:

Determine the Requirements

Exploration is the first step in any new idea, which is no exception. Decide how to proceed with the project after thoroughly considering your proposal and determining your needs. This includes the choice of the blockchain on which you will build your application. 

Framing Whitepaper

Frame your IDO launchpad whitepaper in a way that conveys the image of your company to the globe. A well-written whitepaper can distinguish between failure and success for your business. 

Customize or Ready-Made IDO Launchpad

You have the option of starting from scratch or customizing an existing ready-made solution for your IDO launchpad. On the other hand, the speed at which you need to get everything up and running is a factor. 

Create Token

The next step is to create your launchpad's tokens. In this section, you'll need to decide on the properties of your tokens. 


To ensure that your platform has no bugs, you need to conduct a thorough testing process that includes evaluating different test cases. 


Finally, your IDO launchpad must be deployed on the blockchain, necessitating regular upgrades to ensure smooth operation and client service.

Benefits of Launching IDO Launchpad

Instant Cash Flow

Indeed, a token's ability to be bought and sold is crucial. If a token does not have instant access to funds, its value may suffer. With a liquidity pool, you can access funds at any price point with no risk of a loss of liquidity. Token swapping in the liquidity pool necessitates the value addition before the tokens can be considered liquid. 

One-Stop Trading Solution 

Investors begin trading tokens as soon as a project goes live. Those who buy tokens before the IDO can sell them at a better price. When the first investor buys a token, the price begins to fluctuate. 

Streamlined Operations 

Launching a new defi smart contract development costs only a few dollars in gas fees if a project's token is traded on a liquidity market. In addition, smart contracts handle the tokenization of assets and liquidity allocation. 

Safe and Ethical Fundraising 

With an IDO launchpad, tokens can be generated and liquidated immediately, unlike with traditional fundraising methods. In the beginning, a large number of tokens are purchased by individual investors at a discount—furthermore, the value of the token increases when it is made available to the broader public.

How can an IDO Launchpad Developed?

The primary motivation for the initial dex offering (IDO) model is addressing prior model flaws, including those of the ICO, STO, and IEO. An event to raise money for IDO does not need permission because the network is decentralized. As a result, it occurs to be your own. 

There are two ways to Initial Dex Offering Development. Developing from scratch involves both frontend and backend work. Whitelabel solutions are the second type. IDO launchpad platforms like these are nothing more than clones of the best. There are no differences between the clone scripts and the main platform. It's easy to add new features and upgrade the ones already there. They are ready-to-go products that can be up and running at a very low price

IDO is still in its development, like the technology that oversees the token auctions. The IDO ecosystem will evolve to overcome these challenges and find a balance between facilitating decentralization and ensuring security in the future. The IDO could become the most popular technique for raising funds on the blockchain in the near future.


By now, you should have a fundamental understanding of IDO launchpads and the development process that goes along with them. Even if you don't require help implementing your IDO launchpad, it's ideal for working with a blockchain-focused organization.

Let Suffescom Solutions be your IDO Development Company to take advantage of this new kind of finance and build your own IDO. They have experience in developing and launching Initial DEX Offerings. They will provide you with the best options for your business after knowing about your needs.

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