ReactJS Mini Projects to Master Front-End Development

ReactJS Mini Projects to Master Front-End Development
January 22, 2023

Front-end development is one of the hottest areas in programming today, as web applications have largely replaced desktop programs. ReactJS makes it easy for front-end developers to simplify what used to be a long, painful process. It does this by providing state management and fetching on-demand with the interactivity of components and data binding.

If you're seriously into front-end development, then this compiling a list of mini-projects will help you to improve your front-end development skills.

1. Launch Date Counter Page

The Launching date counter is a very interesting project. Launch Date Counter helps users to know the launch date of the website.

What you will learn:

How to create React components, How to use setTimeInterval function, React Hooks, Animation

2. Quote Generator

Mini projects can be great for beginners because they help you build interest and skills in certain areas! The Quotes generator is a simple project to do during class or for homework that helps people compress words. It then generates a short but meaningful quote.

API Link:

What you will learn: How to use API, How to Design Form, How to make ajax/fetch/Axios API calls from react app

3. Build a Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnail Generator is a tool that will automatically generate thumbnails for your images quickly and easily. In this project, you will create a thumbnail of the image when the user uploads it on the server.

What you will learn: How to upload images using React, How to create a form in React, Image Operation, File Operation

4. Build a Downloading Progress Bar

A progress bar is a common visual representation for the transformation of quantitative values into qualitative values over time. It is seen as bars ascending at a constant speed that show information about what stage of the process is being portrayed and whether the current value from a counter or computer widget corresponds to 100% of the estimated goal.

What you will learn: How to upload files in react, How to design progress bar, How to use Animation in React, React Hooks

5. Simple Train Ticket Registration System

A train ticket registration system allows passengers to book and use their tickets more quickly and easily. The staff would also be able to view the attendance of guests prior to their arrival at the stations.

What you will learn:

How to store data in local storage using JavaScript, How to design dashboard, how to create and manage table operation in React, How to build CRUD app in React

6. Infinite Scrolling

What if you have millions of records like Facebook and Instagram posts? How you will get the millions of records in one API? it will be difficult Right? Then there is a solution - Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is a technique that allows the user to scroll indefinitely. This means that the content never ends and instead of the application forcing you to reach a certain point, it provides you with an endless supply of new content.

What you will learn:

How to make API calls, how to use offset and count parameters to fetch limited records from the server, How to track JavaScript Events

7. Shopping Cart System

A shopping cart system is a system that involves creating a list of items to be sold on the premise. The system helps retailers create customized lists of products that they can put together, placing items in small numbers on individual carts.

This would be a big mini project but it will help you to learn a lot of things.

What you will learn:

How to use Redux, How to use Hooks, How to design card in React, How to design product page in React, How to make CRUD operations, etc.

Important Note: For database operation and API try to use Google Firebase Storage

8. Weather app

A weather app is a type of application that allows users to view current weather conditions and forecast information for a specific location.

The app typically uses data from a weather API, such as OpenWeatherMap, to retrieve weather data. The data is then displayed to the user in a user-friendly interface.

Users can search for weather information by city, zip code, or location.

What you will learn:

API integration and data visualization.

9. A recipe search website

A recipe search website is a type of website that allows users to search for and find recipes based on different criteria.

The website would typically use an API, such as Spoonacular, to retrieve data on recipes and ingredients. The data is then displayed to the user in a user-friendly interface, typically using ReactJS.

What you will learn:

API integration and search functionality.

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