Play To Earn NFT Games- The Latest Way To Enjoy Gaming!

Play To Earn NFT Games- The Latest Way To Enjoy Gaming!
August 02, 2022

The gaming industry is the most dominant sector in the world. It has been generating revenue and profits at a high rate ever since its inception. The development of this sector is influencing generations and it is expected to continue this trend. The expansion of the gaming industry is immense, let it be, from PlayStations to PCs to mobile, the reach has been enormous and beneficial in its own aspects. There have been a wide range of gaming types and sub-types and nothing has gained more popularity and attention than the concept of Play-To-Earn NFT games. This is a revolutionary concept that has unlocked the full potential of the gaming industry.

Play-To-Earn NFT Games

In the past, gaming platforms have always drifted towards the developers and the companies that own the gaming platforms in terms of profits and revenues. These mentioned sectors have enjoyed an extensive share of profits and revenue and not the other way around; players only get to play the game and not earn any profits. This challenge has been raised by the players and it was circulating in the digital space for quite some time. With NFT games, the issue has finally come to a halt and the concept of play-to-earn NFT games was created. 

Play-to-earn NFT games deal with non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology. This type of gaming platform allows players to earn money by just playing the game. This is possible by NFTs and blockchain. The in-game assets inside the game are represented by NFTs and the ownership of the NFTs is saved and secured on the digital ledger called the blockchain. Players can either win or buy these types of NFTs from the gaming platform and liquidate them on various secondary marketplaces or can liquidate them on the gaming platform itself if the marketplace feature is available.

Advantages Of Playing NFT Games 

Transparency is the key for NFT games. In conventional gaming platforms, players often used mods or hacks to get an upper hand over the other players and it went unnoticed. Now, with the integration of the blockchain network, every activity and purchase is open to everyone who’s involved. Thus, players who try to use these illegal methods would be recognized by the other players and the necessary steps would be taken. In this way, the NFT gaming platform creates a trust factor between the players.
Securing data is another important and most beneficial factor of an NFT game. In a regular game, when the system crashes, the saved data is wiped out completely. To avoid this major problem, blockchain technology is used. All data is saved on the blockchain even during an abrupt shutdown. Hence, it is one of the most valuable features of a play-to-earn NFT game.
Ownership is a very vital part of owning anything in the digital space. This is perfectly depicted by the blockchain network. When a player purchases or wins an in-game NFT, the ownership is expected to be transferred to the respective player. This transfer of ownership is perfectly executed by the blockchain which stores the ownership in the digital ledger and prevents all types of data manipulation and theft attempts.

Why Regular Gaming Platforms Are Fading Away?

Regular gaming platforms have dominated the face of the video game industry for a very long time. The regular gaming platforms were favored by the gaming community and it was enjoyed by everyone to the fullest extent. On the contrary, it was a great entertainment factor for everyone but, it had one major flaw, which is the generation of profits. The distribution of profits was only among the game creators and not among the players and it is a right for a player to raise their concern regarding the distribution of profits; after all, players are the reason for the existence of gaming platforms. To provide everything that is demanded by the players from a game, NFT games came along and changed everything. This is the primary reason for the regular gaming platforms to decline gradually.

Top NFT Games In The Digital Market At Present

  • Decentraland
  • Axie Infinity
  • Sandbox
  • Guild of Guardians
  • Galaxy Fight Club 
  • DeFi Kingdom
  • Alien Worlds

Wrapping Up

Play-to-earn NFT games are the present trend in the digital space. Every business platform is aiming to make fortune out of these games. There is a wide range of NFT games that are available and the traction and attention given to these games are immense. This is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on something great like the play-to-earn NFT game. Thus, do not miss this opportunity!

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