Oppo unveils Android 12-based ColorOS 12 global version with improved privacy, redesigned UI and more

Oppo unveils Android 12-based ColorOS 12 global version with improved privacy, redesigned UI and more
October 11, 2021

Focussed on quality, design, and human-centric features, teams at Oppo are giving users a more immersive experience on their ColorOS 12 global version. Find out all about this new release in this article.

1. Inclusive Design

The new interface on your device is made to bend perfectly to your needs, with a laser focus on usability!.ColorOS 12 provides a streamlined operating system that eliminates distractions on your phone, giving you the speed and smoothness you need.

2. 3D Icons

ColorOS 12 pleases the eye with new translucent app icons. Tasteful light and shadow elements combine to create depth and a feeling of space, for the sharpest-ever interface design. Each design draws from reality to make the apps instantly recognizable.

3. Omoji

This advanced face capture algorithm uses 77 pinpoints and 200+ stylistic elements to customize your reflections in real-time. With immense customization options, Omoji from ColorOS 12 looks and acts more like the real you.

4. Deep Customization

ColorOS 12 joyfully offers ways for you to create your always-on display—fully customizable, for maximum joy every time you glance the way of your screen. Play designer by adjusting a template, or go further by creating all-new aesthetics.

ColorOS 12 makes it easier to do your thing, with more features and functions than ever before. Experience the world without limits in ColorOS voice activation; easily reorder apps on the Home screen.

5. PC Connect

Interacting with your phone and computer should be seamless. This PC Connect feature helps you sync all of your devices. One system across screens that lets you interact seamlessly using notifications and a clipboard, available on your mobile device as well as on a laptop or desktop computer.

You can move easily between devices or update your files? With PC Connect, it’s as simple and instant as drag-and-drop or editing with one click.

7. Privacy Control

Manage all permissions easily with a clear overview in the Privacy Dashboard. Find out if an app makes you uncomfortable or is invasive, and give it less access – all with an instant icon prompt. ColorOS 12 puts you in the driver’s seat. Stay on top of your privacy as you navigate your digital life and ethical choices put on top. ColorOS 12 gives you instant icon prompts whenever an app wants to engage the camera or mic.

8. One-Tap Power Saving

Your battery will last longer with one-tap power saving. It detects which apps in use are the thirstiest and disable them to keep your phone functional until it is charged again

9. AI Syetem Booster

AI System Booster maximizes the performance of the device by focusing CPU power on programs that are used. It is the perfect companion for people who run many apps and move quickly between them.

10. Quantum Animation Engine 3.0

Quantum 3.0 gives smooth responsiveness to touch, with fluid scrolling and screen interaction that virtually mirrors real-world physics. For example, widgets have a “virtual mass”, so that each has a distinct response when dragged.

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