NFT Gaming Platform: What Are their Features & Benefits?

NFT Gaming Platform: What Are their Features & Benefits?
July 14, 2022

Gaming has been showing its versatility right from the beginning. The more games, the more evolution it showed. Now, games in NFTs have been the ultimate trend, and each one of them is facing its rewards for being the number one. The games have also made it clear that games are not only for playing but also for earning. Yes, you heard it right! Play-to-earn model is made a clear impact on gaming enthusiasts.

NFT gaming will inevitably grow in popularity. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are blockchain-based digital currencies that can trace the ownership of an asset wherever it goes and provide former owners resale rights. Finding rare things, accumulating limited trinkets, and unlocking uncommon art and keepsakes to own and treasure should be a no-brainer for the world's 3 billion players.

Let us look at what is happening with gaming and more about NFT gaming. Here are a few things that you should know about NFT gaming.

#1 NFT gaming will add value

In the gaming world, NFTs can be used to unlock and add value to previously played games. According to Chris Clarke of KokoSwap, it just makes logic in the gaming industry that if the player puts their value into the game, they should be able to take that value out.

Current users of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the open-world tactical shooter from Quartz, can get NFTs of new cosmetic goods, which are often back-dated to reward long-term gamers. Users can utilize NFTs to become the sole owner of an in-game item, which they can trade, sell, or keep. Although the idea of players making money from games is not new, NFTs are more secure and versatile.

#2 Players will take control

Microtransactions and season passes are common ways for gamers to purchase in-game items. NFTs, on the other hand, provide players more power by allowing them to sell items and profit from future resales. For those who grew up selling old games to pay for new, this is huge in the era of digital games.

Skins that are only accessible for a limited time are now available in games like FIFA and Fortnite. Both games create a sense of scarcity, although the developer has a slight advantage. NFTs allow players to control the selling and reselling of things. If you arrived late to FIFA Ultimate Team and missed out on the season's first kits, you can purchase them from other players. Players get the ultimate control with the NFTs, and they play, they sell, they buy, and they are the ones who make an impact with the NFT games on board.

#3 Play-to-Earn games will be huge

As the play-to-earn game is rising, many people are able to earn a living with them. Axie Infinity is one such game that made a strict statement in the gaming world.

However, because Play-to-Earn games are designed similarly to Free-to-Play games, the roots are still present for gamers to engage with, as long as 'Play' always takes precedence over 'Earn' and they aren't money-grab trading apps disguised as cuddly creatures.

#4 Interoperability

That is a large term, as well as a large concept. You may use your NFT collectible in a number of games, if not all of them. Because the NFT is held on a blockchain, its data and ownership can be tracked, and it is free of corruption, it can easily be transferred between games using the same blockchain. NFTs give players authority over in-game items that were previously held by the game's publisher. Items purchased and earned on an NFT blockchain can theoretically be used between games. So, if Ubisoft shuts down Ghost Recon Breakpoint but releases a new Tom Clancy game, your 'Clancy NFTs' might conceivably be moved to the new game.

#5 Metaverse 

For those who seek the benefits of blockchains and the metaverse, NFT-powered games like Splinterlands and Axie Infinity are ahead of the curve. The metaverse will include games, with NFTs serving as the glue that binds them to the rest of our connected, digital future. Video games have the ability to connect fashion, music, art, and events across the metaverse.

The metaverse is already beginning to take shape, and NFTs will only add to it.

#6 NFT games will mix real and virtual worlds

Consider the game of FIFA using NFTs. That NFT collectible Spurs shirt you (hopefully) unlocked or purchased in FIFA may be used for more than just in-game bragging rights. NFTs are proving to be an innovative approach to connecting the digital and physical worlds.

Digital wearables in games can increase in value as scarcity is generated, but as the two worlds mix, NFTs can also serve a purpose — in the future, garments, and items will be pulled from games and become physical. "When you can integrate the two worlds," Clarke explains, "a jpeg becomes so much more."

#7 Enhanced collectibles

In this field, major game studios are already experimenting with NFTs. Many people were disappointed when Konami released a 35th-anniversary collection of Castlevania NFTs. Regardless, these NFTs sold for an average of $12,000 each, demonstrating that there is a market for them.

Gamers are used to collecting gaming memorabilia and odd gifts. It's exciting to be able to possess a piece of gaming history, especially retro game art and soundtracks. Gamers held their noses and bought, according to the Konami example.

The collectibles are enhanced a lot and can be able to add more value.

#8 NFTs -The next Kickstarter

Crowdfunding isn't a new concept. For a long time, Kickstarter has allowed fans to help launch games, but the incentives are often your name in the game and the opportunity to be the first to play.

A platform for NFT Indie game creators can use GameStarter to fund their projects by selling pre-sale in-game goodies as NFTs. It means that gamers can pick an indie game, help create it, and own a portion of it.

For this, as with most of the new world of NFTs, some UX love, as well as openness in terms of risks, will be required. NFTs, on the other hand, might open up a whole new world of video game crowdfunding.

#9 Fans getting rewards

It's not only about the game you're playing; it's also about the players you follow, including the esports celebrities that generate headlines and the game developers who make games possible. In games, NFTs can be used as a way for players to meet the people and teams behind the most popular titles.

The NFT earned via game purchases can be used as a token to get access to special in-game events. G2 Esports, one of the world's most successful esports organizations, has unveiled Samurai Army, a set of randomly manufactured NFTs that function as a ticket to a social club with gaming and entertainment amenities.

#10  Fitness game-The reinvention

With Ring Fit, Nintendo makes fitness games more accessible, as we discussed in our best Nintendo Switch accessories article. Imagine being able to make money as you sweat by selling NFTs. Move-to-Earn games work on this principle. One of the first is StepN, which awards gamers with NFT badges as they reach step targets, such as Couch to 5K, in exchange for cash.

StepN is built on the carbon-neutral Solana blockchain, demonstrating how game creators are now thinking about the bigger picture. Similarly, Genopets, a mobile augmented reality game similar to Pokémon Go, gives new players free minting. Typically, minting (creating) NFTs costs gas money, which might be costly.


NFT gaming has made everything it could, and it's your time now. However, their evolution won't be stop, and it is just getting more and more. Hire a gaming development team for your NFT game development and start earning more.

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