Mini Projects to Start Your Web Development Groundwork

Mini Projects to Start Your Web Development Groundwork
February 22, 2022

When aiming to learn something new, it sometimes helps to take on a variety of small-scale tasks that you can use your knowledge to accomplish. Take web development for example; instead of starting by learning the basics about HTML and CSS, start by tackling simple projects that feed into the larger concepts.

If you're in the mood for a mini web development project it can be hard to know where to start. That's where these twelve tiny projects come into play! These are all small, simple tasks that take just a few minutes each so you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out what to do next.

Card Expansion

Expanding cards provides a way to easily see many different images side by side both on a desktop computer and in the app. Users can view images like beautiful sunsets, or get articles about famous landmarks enhanced with photos with this feature.

Animation of Rotating Navigation

It's easy to always find what you're looking for. With this new feature, now the menu will change whenever you double tap on items (in the top left corner) making it way easier and more convenient than ever before.

Form Wave

This design makes it easy to enter text fast, with features like its smart word count and customizable theme colors. What’s more, the form looks smooth and attractive on all devices big and small.

Background Slider

Background Slider is a web project that does 2 things: allows the user to set custom background tracks and controls, and provides moderation features. They could be used for an after school club, a family outing, or weekly team meeting among other options - just about any situation where you'd like players to enjoy company while they play.

Auto Text effect

This project helps you create a text effect with varying speeds, depending on how fast you type out the words. All you need to do is put your cursor where you want the text effect, click in the box above (signifying an upper-case letter), and type out the word followed by a comma and then whatever number you want the speed of the text-effect to be.

Drag and Drop

In a drag and drop project the user will perform various actions. These actions are captured within different modules that let you add relational data, text in a more fluid way, code-comments, pictures, graphics images and animations. 

FAQ Collapse

Faq Collapse was set up as an online repository of all your Frequently Asked Questions, and there have been several projects that either crashed on launch or ceased to exist under the same name.

Animated Navigation

Work on this project is underway and it uses JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and SVG. The project is similar to real navigation projects where animations are created for the user interface. After the user clicks a link in their browser bar, the animation will stop and users will find themselves looking at the destination page.

Double Vertical Slider

A Double Vertical Slider is a tool compatible with browsers that helps you quickly create a horizontal scrolling layout. Your content is maneuvered from one sidebar to the other using the DVS script.

Theme Clock

Theme Clock is a web project that allows users to customize the clock appearance with their own theme or images. It uses HTML, CSS and Javascript graphics to display a user's desired interface in both a live preview mode or animation-based slideshow. 

Incrementing counter

To create a counter web project you first need to choose the type of project and how many counters you want. After, you will set a URL option so that people can insert their own counter. You must start with a functional base in order to create your own. After you have created your functional base and added content then reset and add counter code by editing the HTML code

Github project

GitHub profiles web project is a basic site that lets you view all the projects that people are working on. All profiles are open source and so nobody has a secret identity with Github! The website tracks each project's releases, watch history and more. This page takes visitors to the site directly.

Which of the mini web development projects do you think is your favorite?

The process is really fun. This course includes lessons on JS, HTML and CSS. Each project is unique and interesting. Its for anyone that wants to learn how to code without being completely bogged down with theory and concepts.

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