Know Benefits of MilesWeb Bare Metal Server for Businesses

Know Benefits of MilesWeb Bare Metal Server for Businesses
April 05, 2022
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This is the 21st century, and most businesses worldwide are based on digital infrastructure. Why so? It is because administering and managing digital information all require advanced tools and resources. Thus, dedicated servers are beneficial for businesses that are dealing with digital assets like websites/ applications with high traffic. This essential IT tool comprises good internet connectivity. Hence, their demand is higher.

At MilesWeb, they have Bare Metal server with dedicated hosting plans, with full-proof data security, and a smooth networking base. Businesses worldwide leverage this hosting solutions to get potential benefits for their businesses. This blog compiles the same information.

10 Key Advantages of MilesWeb Bare Metal Server

If you are in doubt about whether to opt for bare metal servers or not for your organization, this post highlights a few merits to ease your decision process.

1. Dedicated Resource 

A bare metal server means a dedicated resource is added to your hosting basket. In layman terms, dedicated servers isolate your websites or applications from an entirely digital space. Also, it protects your digital assets from vulnerable threats. With MilesWeb’s Pune dedicated server, clients receive affordable and secured web hosting solutions confining your data from other businesses. Basic plans start from Rs. 6,999 per month, and it goes up to Rs. 48,000 per month.

Such web hosting solutions are beneficial for protecting your corporate data and enhancing performance.

2. IaaS vs Bare metal servers

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) utilize virtual resources to manage data and host web solutions. So, we can say it is somewhat similar to cloud servers. However, one of the significant drawbacks of IaaS is it does not allow clients to customize the servers’ configuration. Only server providers can manage or control the infrastructure.

On the other hand, MilesWeb’s bare metal servers allow clients to configure dedicated servers at their convenience. With this, install hypervisor or VMs as per the requirement of your business. 

3. High Security

It is understood that when you are open to web hosting security issues are inevitable. Hence, it is better for your business to use bare-metal servers instead of using VMs. Bare metal servers ensure enhanced data performance with optimal data security in an isolated web hosting environment.

However, if you have a counterpoint to utilizing cloud servers or virtual machines, it comes at potential risks. Thus, your websites or applications are exposed to cyber-attacks and threats. However, with MilesWeb bare metal dedicated servers, clients usually do not have security-related concerns because they are isolated from other users.

4. Choice in opting for the different operating system

MilesWeb’s bare metal web hosting solutions are compatible with different operating systems. The list includes CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Windows OS. With them, choose the OS as per your requirement and get started with the web hosting in no time! So, whether it is a Linux or Windows OS, MilesWeb has solutions for you. Browse their website and choose a reliable plan for your websites and applications.

5. Cost

Clients receive bare metal servers from MilesWeb with several affordable solutions. 

MilesWeb’s servers provide you with a plethora of features at minimal costs. They do not charge hefty amounts from clients and deliver monthly subscription solutions at a lower cost.

6. Streamlined setup

Undoubtedly data centers have massive servers for the streamlined function of web applications. Therefore, outsource MilesWeb to get better bandwidth and connectivity at affordable prices. 

7. Host Unlimited Websites

With MilesWeb bare metal server, clients have the freedom to host an unlimited number of websites. The highest RAM you will get is up to 256 GB with an SSD storage of 2TB and 5TB Bandwidth. Clients have the freedom to manage their multiple accounts with advanced configurations of dedicated servers. You will receive 1 IPv4 for a smooth and hassle-free website browsing experience. 

8. Full SSH root access

Having full root access to your website or application is what you are looking for? With MilesWeb, gain full control or administration to install applications on the dedicated server. 

9. Zero Cost setup

MilesWeb will not charge you a single penny to set up dedicated bare-metal servers. They will provide you with all relevant IT infrastructure and the technical assistance mentioned above will not hamper your performance. No worries, you can cancel or terminate their web hosting offers anytime. 

10. Handle workloads with more precision

No matter what kind of function your business is performing, a bare metal dedicated server will streamline them. And with the advanced infrastructures of MilesWeb like the latest SSD drives, RAM, and high-speed internet connectivity, their metal servers work with 99.99% uptime which is very high in terms of precision.

Final Thoughts

In the era of globalization, the dedicated bare metal servers of MilesWeb are a perfect solution to enhance your business productivity. Enhance your business’ scalability with secured and reliable dedicated server web hosting solutions.

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