Is JavaScript Easy to Learn?

Is JavaScript Easy to Learn?
August 09, 2021

JavaScript is never as easy as it first seems. For one, it can't run the way you might expect, since there's no such thing as a single "JavaScript engine" that interprets every piece of code in the same way. In fact, different browsers have different JavaScript engines that can all interpret the language in slightly different ways.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript, as you know it from before, is growing up. From headless webpages to desktop applications.JavaScript is a programming language. It has a close relation with HTML and CSS because it is used to modify content generated by some other programs, add animations and some interactive elements to websites that cannot work without JavaScript.

Why is it good to learn Javascript?

HTML is great for defining web pages, but you can't rely on it to make interactive web applications. That's where JavaScript comes in. Using this programming language, you can build powerful programs in the browser and on the edge.

And Now JavaScript is used everywhere like

  • The frontend of the website with React.js, Angular, or Vue.js,
  • The backend of the website with Express.js
  • Mobile App Development with React Native
  • Desktop App Development with Electron(Linux/Windows/Mac)
  • Machine Learning with Tensorflow.js
  • Internet of Things(IoT)

How Easy is it to Learn and Use JavaScript?

One of the most common ways that we get labeled as "slow" is due to how much time it takes us to learn new things, particularly new programming languages. Because we have to work so hard to understand a new language and what it can do. So I would say -

Yes, It is easy to learn JavaScript, If you plan well and did enough practice. I suggest first learn the basics of HTML and CSS before starting to learn JavaScript, Then go for JavaScript.

Important Topics of JavaScript

Here are the important topics of JavaScript which are used most while developing a Website or App.

  1. Variables
  2. Operators
  3. If…else
  4. Switch case
  5. While Loop
  6. For Loop
  7. Break statement
  8. Function
  9. Arrow Function
  10. Import/Export
  11. Events
  12. Async Await
  13. Promise
  14. JSON
  15. DOM Manipulation

Resources to Learn JavaScript

Best Udemy Courses

Youtube Tutorials

Other Websites

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