How to get returning users on the website and app

How to get returning users on the website and app
April 04, 2022

For your digital marketing plan to be successful, you need to focus on retaining as many current visitors as possible - otherwise, you're just going to end up with a lot of traffic that has no connection to your company!

if you're looking for some fresh ideas to get your app or website's returning users to stay a little longer and make increase the value of your app, this article might give you a few useful tips!

1. Store user data

If the App stores user data, users come back for their data. The user will not re-enter his data on another app. Suppose you have an eCommerce website, you can store a user's phone number or email to remind him to come back. You can let the user check out a product, but then they have to sign in first before they can buy it. You can also list their loyalty points and total purchases so he remembers how much he has saved.

Example: If a user uses Twitter, the user will use Twitter and the user will not go to other social media apps to re-enter the data or make connections.

2. Provide new content in every visit

If the user gets dynamic data, the user will check the app periodically otherwise user will get bored and will not check the app.

The content on a website is constantly being updated so that the site remains relevant and current. That pulls visitors back to the site because they are interested in what new things have been added to it.

like news sites usually have an "article of the day." Adding new content, such as blog articles for readers to follow, will inspire users to continue regularly viewing your site.

Example: We check social media 5-10+ times/day because we want something new and interesting information.

3. Send notifications

If a user does not come automatically on our app send them a notification on time when the user used to come at that time, We can use the ML for it to detect usage patterns.

Sending a push notification is a great way to remind your app's returning users of the latest updates that have been added. You should send alerts about promotions and the most important features to those who have used your app within the last month. You may also want to provide an update that only has information for certain users. For example, if you add new features in one particular location, all users who haven't downloaded it as far may need an alert about it with a link showing them where they can find it.

4. Give rewards

Give users a reward for returning after being away. This will show them that there are benefits to sticking around and coming back to your site. You could do this by giving an exclusive offer, a coupon, or something else of value just for people who revisit soon after their last visit. After the user returns, you can also run an offer to encourage more visits in the future.

Example: Paytm and GPay cashback, Daily free coins to play games

5. Use network effect

A great way to get more returning users is by adding people from a user's network. This will make the user feel more connected, and since they spend most of their time on the app with the same people, it will be less likely for them to delete it altogether. This can also be used if you are looking for something specific to buy-much like in a retail store when making new friends helps discover new things.

Example: WhatsApp users will not shift to telegram or signal if users most of the contacts are on WhatsApp.

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