How to Build a Successful App and Website

How to Build a Successful App and Website
August 21, 2021

There are thousands of apps and websites launched every day, but only a few get the taste of success. I have found common tricks of most popular apps that are used by every big company. In this article, you will find those ways to build your successful apps or website.

1.Give an updated and trending content

Most engaging apps or websites gives updated and trending content to the users. Software content should be unpredictable and new. When users see the same content over and over again they get bored and stop checking the app. 

If you know what you are going to see or what will be the result then you will not be excited to do that type of work. 

Let’s take a couple of examples.

  1. News Site: Users check the news site 2-3 times or more in a day. And The website they love updates its content every hour or in minutes otherwise it would be not a popular news website. You have already checked many news sites but they do not update their content so you might have stopped using that website or reduced the frequency of checking that site.
  2. Social Media Apps: When users open social media apps they always get new content, even when users refresh the feed every time they get new content. that’s why social media apps are the most used and downloaded apps. Users get unpredictable and new content every time so they never get bored of using social media apps

2.Store User Data

Store user data in your app or website so users come over and over again to check the app. Because people don’t like to save the same data on another site.

Let's take a few examples

  1. Social Media Apps: When users signup they store email addresses, their friend's networks, profile pic and we upload some content. Let’s take the example of Instagram or ticktock. If you are the daily use of those apps then you already posted your photos, followed your friends so you check those apps again and again if someone liked your photos or video, how many views do you get. So you become addicted and start uploading more data on those apps. So they have your data so your attention
  2. News Website: Take an example of Google news, when users sign up they ask to follow their favorite topics and news source, So they show user content related to those topics, So users start liking google news apps because they have user data and they show them personalized content
  3. Stock Market Website: On the stock market website, they store user portfolio information and watchlist. So users come over and over again to check their investment details or information about the stock they are going to buy with updated content. So stock market websites also get more engagement than other websites.

If you have a blogging site then store user bookmarks and their blogs, If you have a social App Store their photos and other personal information If you have a finance site store their portfolio If you have an eCommerce website then save customer Wishlist and contact details. If you do this they will come over and over again to check your apps.

3.Make Easy to use

User experience is an important thing to build high-engaging apps. If the user is struggling to use the required features and needs more clicks then they are not going to use your apps. The simpler your app the more engagement you will get.

Let’s take an example, On social media apps, the user has to do only scroll up and scroll down, to like videos and photos they just have to tap the button while swiping. Because of this simplicity user spends more time and more consumes more content.

4.Personalized information

Now future of apps is personalized apps, the more you give personalization to the user the more they will use your apps. We see the top apps like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, etc. From search box, time spend on post and photos that user saves they find what user loves and they started to show that time content, They have strong recommender system they show the content that user loves.

5.Build Network effect

If the app has user friends, colleagues, and relatives then they are going to check that again and again because all their friends and colleagues are there. And user can’t stop using the app because all their connection is present there.

Let's take an example, Out of 3-4 most popular messenger like WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Signal you use only one because you have all contacts on that app. And it’s hard to switch from that app.

Now many companies have started to build the apps for teams so the user has to purchase in bulk and they can’t stop using that app.

Sometimes network effect cost us more like if you friends stop using that app then you will lose user exponentially

Wrapping Up

I have explained 5 Things to build the most engaging and popular app, and I will add more in the upcoming days. Build an app or website that can be used daily or weekly. The more time user will spend on your app the more successful it will be. If you apply 2-3 concepts to your app you may get more users in few months and build high engagement app.

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