How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Grocery Delivery App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Grocery Delivery App?
November 21, 2022

When you talk about on-demand services or delivery apps, they are the blessings disguised when it comes to satisfying instant users' needs. Almost every sector is coming forward with its on-demand app, and the grocery delivery app is no exception. 

Talking about this lucrative industry, it has grabbed approx 22.4 million users, which is worth $56.7 billion. The figure clearly shows how demanding the grocery app has been among users. 

Most businesses can find this as a promising sector and may approach grocery delivery app development companies for mobile delivery apps. 

This blog will guide you through various factors affecting grocery delivery apps' costs.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Develop A Grocery Delivery App In 2023 

1) Grocery App Delivery Complexity

When you develop any mobile app, the first thing that you should plan out is the app's complexity based on functionality. App complexity is the first factor determining the cost of developing a grocery delivery app

When you plan to develop a simple functionality app that can handle simple tasks with basic complexity, the grocery app development cost may vary between $80,000-$1,20,000. However, an app with moderate functionality and complexity cost may vary between $9000-$1,80,000.

If you plan to develop an app with full-fledged functionality and high complexity, the development cost will be between $1,00,000 and $2,50,000.

These costs are the estimated price and may increase based on the complexity of the app. 

2) Choosing the Right Tech Stack

Being an entrepreneur, it becomes your responsibility to choose the right and appropriate tech stack to develop an engaging and responsive app for your business. 

You can choose Java for developing the app for Android, and Swift for iOS. Developing the app for both platforms may cost you between $80,000-$1,50,000 or even more. 

3) Implementing the Right Features 

When you plan to develop a grocery delivery app, the topmost features that come to mind are:

  • Easy signup/login options
  • Product Listing
  • Easy Order/Cancellation
  • Search Options
  • Order tracking
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Schedule delivery

All the features mentioned above must be added to a grocery delivery app to stand out in the market. Your targeted audience will visit the app and order their grocery online. 

Throughout the process, they should have a great shopping experience. To fulfil all these criteria, the development cost may vary between $80,000-$2,00,000. 

4) Hiring the Right Resource

If you want to develop a grocery app that can compete well in the market, you need to hire developers with relevant experience and expertise. 

You can hire a grocery app development company that stands to be reputed and have relevant experience that can fulfil your business requirements. They may charge you between $90,000-$1,80,000 or even more based on your business requirements. 


In today's digital era, if you want to streamline your business, you must have your own app. For the grocery business, developing an on-demand delivery app can do wonders. By now, you must know the estimated cost of developing a grocery delivery app. 

You can go through the grocery mobile app development guide to get in-depth information about grocery app and how it helps streamline your business. 

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