Google Launched Cloud Architecture Diagramming Tool

Google Launched Cloud Architecture Diagramming Tool
February 17, 2022

Google Launched a Cloud Architecture Diagramming tool, That helps cloud architecture, and cloud developers to understand business requirements clearly and deploy the architecture in a few clicks.

When we get a new use case or business requirement it's good to have a clear picture of what is the use case and how we can solve it using currently available technologies.

This tool can be used to draw other diagrams like flow charts, system diagrams, flow charts, use case diagrams, etc. Google cloud architecture diagramming tool is totally free and lightweight tool. It seems Google launched this tool to attract new customers and projects to use google cloud.

In its interface, it provides a list of all Google Cloud products and services in one spot. And it is categorized into Database, Compute, Storage, Data Analytics, AI/ML, Gaming and Mobile, and so on. To Design a Cloud architecture diagram you will not need to find icons to design a diagram, It provides all icons to design an architecture diagram.

You can choose the background of the diagrams and switch it to a dark and white theme. Here is the full screenshot of this tool.

Features of the tool:

1. Build architecture diagrams

Google Cloud offers a single place for everything, from Google Cloud Platform Offerings to Google Analytics, Formats available, and more. Instead of searching over multiple icons and images, you can focus on building the architecture with the components you need right there in the interface.

2. Access prebuilt reference architectures

The tool allows you to start with a prebuilt reference architecture, whether for data science, machine learning, websites, CI/CD, or microservices.

3. Deploy with one click

You can deploy your architecture in Google Cloud with a few clicks.

You can check this awesome tool here - Link:

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