Free Bootstrap Templates with Source Code

Free Bootstrap Templates with Source Code
May 30, 2023

Twitter Bootstrap is a tool developed by Twitter to help designers and Web developers build cross-browser websites. With Bootstrap, you can set CSS and HTML standards and create layouts that are responsive to various display types of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Here is a list of some bootstrap templates that you can use for free:

1. SB Admin 2

A Bootstrap 4 admin theme that is free to use and built using HTML/CSS. It was made with the modern web development workflow in mind - whether you're building a dashboard or an entire web application.

GitHub Source Code - Link

2. Stylish Portfolio

This stylish, one-page portfolio theme features animated scrolling and off-canvas navigation.

GitHub Source Code - Link

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3. Landing Page

A simple, elegant, and beautifully responsive landing page theme for Bootstrap 5 websites

GitHub Source Code - Link

4. Quartz

In this template, you will get a modified component of Bootstrap with an eye-catching and attractive design.

Download Now - Link

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5. FlexStart - Bootstrap Startup Template

FlexStart is an innovative and contemporary Bootstrap template designed specifically for dynamic and imaginative websites.

Whether you're an individual blogger, a company blogger, a software developer, a startup, or an app or SaaS page, this collection of creative templates offers the ideal solution. It is also an excellent choice for digital agencies and other similar endeavors.

Download Now for Free: Link

6. Sailor

Sailor is a versatile commercial Bootstrap template tailored for single-page websites, offering extensive customization options.

It is particularly well-suited for portfolios, product listing pages, and any other site seeking a minimalist design approach. With Sailor, you can create a visually appealing and user-friendly online presence that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

Download Now for Free - Link

7. Soft UI Dashboard

The admin dashboard is built on the Django Framework and it’s free to download today. With a fully customizable and beautiful user interface to help you create stunning websites and web applications, Soft UI Dashboard is perfect for web developers like you.

Github Source Code: Link

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8. Stisla – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

Stisla is a lightweight Bootstrap 4 template specially designed for the admin dashboard. It’s easy-to-use, responsive, and well laid out with management user experience in mind. Stisla is perfect for web app dashboards.

This template is made with 100% responsive design in mind. It looks beautiful on any smartphone, tablet, and desktop device. Make this template your own today! it comes with a lot of ready-to-use components and different user interfaces.

Download now for Free: Link

9. Pizza – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 pizza website template

Pizza is a free and responsive HTML5 pizza website template designed for pizzerias, restaurants, bakeries, and other food-related businesses. Pizzas are served up in a beautiful dark layout with a full-screen slideshow.

It has an eye-catching menu grid. It also has a Blog section to share your views with others. Eye-catchy typography with parallax backgrounds gives it a stylish look.

Download source code: Link

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10. Business Frontpage

This is a home page template for a business website. One of the features of the site is a full-width image header. The marketing boxes can be configured with relative ease. It has features of a fixed top navigation menu, call-to-action boxes, and three-column marketing boxes with images.

Download source code: Link

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