Create a IDO Launchpad Like Trustpad - Complete Guide

Create a IDO Launchpad Like Trustpad - Complete Guide
August 12, 2022

IDO and IDO launchpads

Index Dex Offering, also known as IDO, refers to a fundraising mechanism for any crypto-based or decentralized project. IDO is more effective than ICO, IEO, and IDO, known as its predecessors. With its instant liquidity, IDO is one of the best fundraising models. The prominent feature of an IDO launchpad is that the investors can own and benefit from the tokens they purchase. At the same time, project owners don't need to provide any equity or shares for the investors like venture capitalists. The popular IDO launchpads available in the market are TrustPad, BSCpad, Solstarter, and CardStarter.

Uses of IDO launchpad

Opens up new opportunities: Opens up new opportunities for upcoming crypto projects and aids them in raising the required capital.

Growth: IDO launchpads provide a spotlight for the upcoming crypto projects by increasing the visibility of potential projects that lack funds. This helps projects gain the attention of investors.

Liquidity: The main reason for a startup to prefer an IDO is its high liquidity. People can invest in projects and generate revenue with its automated liquidity pools.

Early investments: Projects can get early investments and receive passive income through DEX offerings. This helps in the further development of the project.


Trustpad is one of the most popular and widely used IDO launchpads. It was founded in 2021 and runs on multiple blockchains like Binance, Ethereum, Terra, and Solana. Trustpad is known for its user-friendly features, which have gained the attention of many new crypto investors. All the transactions on the TrustPad are peer-to-peer. Trustpad is one of the top crypto launchpads regarding returns on investment (ROI).  

Developing an IDO launchpad like Trustpad

1. Create a work plan for your new IDO launchpad project. Develop business plans and goals for your project.

2. Hiring IDO developers to work on the front-end for your Trustpad like IDO launchpad. You can also customize the look and features of the launchpad you wish to develop.

3. After adding the back-end features, run continuous tests to find bugs and errors in the program. But a White label solution can be useful as it is pre-tested.

4. Start a multi-channel marketing campaign for your project to reach your target audience.

5. After launching your project, keep updating it based on user feedback.

Native tokens

All the launchpads have a native token based on the blockchain it was built in.Trustpad’s native token is $TPAD. It works on the Binance Smart Chain. You can also create a native token for your launchpad. The token can be developed on any blockchain, and you can customize the name, symbol, and initial supply of the tokens.

Why develop an IDO launchpad like Trustpad?

Multiple blockchains: A launchpad-like trust pad works on multiple blockchains, which means investors can invest in projects across various networks.

Easy to use: It offers the users a seamless experience in using the platform, and at the same time, an easy-to-use user interface.

Rewarding: The platform is developed in a way that rewards dedicated and active investors who participate in IDO campaigns. This encourages more investors to actively invest in IDO projects. 

Legitimate projects: The platform has a firm screening policy for projects to be listed. The platform ensures that only fair projects that pass the screening protocols are listed in the forum. Investors need not worry about scammers.

Integrated wallet: The platform has an integrated wallet, making it hassle-free for users to transact tokens and funds.

Get tokens at a predefined cost: Investors can get tokens at a predefined price on launchpads like Trustpad, making Web3 projects gain support in their initial phase.

Gas fee: Based on the gas fee, investors can decide when and where they want to mint tokens.

A launchpad like a trustpad has strong safety protocols for vetting, making it easier for investors to enable them to invest in good projects. The platform is transparent, scalable, and secured, making your crypto projects more credible among investors. With the growing interest in NFTs, you can also develop an integrated NFT launchpad with your IDO launchpad. 

Features of Trustpad-like launchpad

  • Multiple staking modules for users to choose from
  • Instant token allocation ensures that investors get early access to tokens.
  • Digital wallet integration
  • Compatible with different blockchains

With the future in the hands of Web3, crypto projects will surely have a huge surge in the upcoming years. Web3 experts recommend building launchpads like trustpad since fundraising on a prime and eminent platform can brighten the future of crypto projects. Hiring an IDO launchpad development team to develop your launchpad can be the ideal choice. With their blockchain expertise, they not only aid you in creating the launchpad but also provide services like marketing and customer support. Getting a White label solution from a development team can also be an option.

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