Complete guide to choosing your first programming language to get a Job

Complete guide to choosing your first programming language to get a Job
September 16, 2022

When I completed my degree, I didn't know what programming language to learn first to get a Job. Everyone had a different view, There were many programming languages I can start with.

Here are 4 steps that can help you to choose your first programming language to get a job.

1. What type of person you are?

One question I will ask you:

Are you a creative or logical person?

Creative person has good Imagination skills, they like to imagine. Logical people like mathematics they like to solve problems, and they have a logical brain.

If you are a creative person I will suggest you choose UI Development/Game Development. For UI development you can start with HTML and CSS and then go for JavaScript. For Game development, you can start with C++ or C#.

2. What type of industry do you want?

Before you decide which programming language to start learning, it's important to think about what industry you want to work in.

There are many different types of industries that use programming, so there is definitely a language for you if you know the right one.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most popular programming languages and their respective industries.

Do you want to go into one of the following industries?

  1. Web Development
  2. Mobile App Development
  3. Machine Learning and AI
  4. Game Development
  5. IoT
  6. VR
  7. Desktop App Development

Here are the technologies I would suggest for each industry.

  • Web Development: HTML => CSS => JavaScript
  • Mobile App Development: Java
  • ML or AI: Python
  • Game Development: C++/C#
  • IoT: C
  • VR: C#
  • Desktop App: JavaScript/Java

3. What is your age?

If you're looking to get a programming job, it's important to choose the right language

If you are in school/college and haven't completed your degree, I would suggest learning Python. It is easy to learn Python and its syntax looks like plain English.

If you are about to complete your college degree and looking for a job, Select your first programming language as per the above parameters.

4. What is your goal?

If your goal is to work in a big industry and make a ton of money I would suggest learning Java.

If you want to learn fast, I would suggest Python.

If you want to build a startup, I would suggest JavaScript (You can select as per your business requirement)

If you want to make a career in web development, Check the below articles that will help you to choose your web development technologies:

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