Coding assignments for learning React through practice.

Coding assignments for learning React through practice.

Are you finding React tough to understand? You're not alone. Many of us have been there, trying to figure out things like components, hooks, and states.

But what if there's an easier way to learn? A way where you can learn while doing something fun and creative?

This is exactly what our coding assignments offer. They're designed to help you learn React by actually using it.

Whether you're new or have some experience, these tasks help you grasp React in a simple, hands-on way. Join us and experience the joy of learning through practice.

Absolutely, I'd be happy to lay out a beginner-friendly, React learning curriculum for you. We will start from the basics and slowly progress to more advanced topics.

1.Introduction to React

Assignment: Set up a React environment.  

Use Create-React-App to create your first React app. Just print "Hello, World!" on your webpage.

2.JSX and Rendering Elements

Assignment: Create a basic static component.  

Using JSX, create a component that renders a simple blog post with a title, an author, and some text.

3. Components and Props

Assignment: Construct a reusable component.  

Create a 'Button' component that accepts 'label' and 'onClick' props, and can be reused throughout your application.

4.State and Lifecycle Methods

Assignment: Create a clock component.  

Build a Clock component that updates the current time every second using state and lifecycle methods.

5.Handling Events

Assignment: Build a counter.  

Create a Counter component that increases or decreases a number when you click "Increment" or "Decrement" buttons.

6. Conditional Rendering

Assignment: User login/logout feature.  

Implement a feature where you render a 'Login' button when a user is not authenticated, and a 'Logout' button when they are.

7. Lists and Keys

Assignment: Display a list of users.  

Given an array of user objects, display a list of users using the map function and assign proper keys.

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8. Forms 

Assignment: Create a signup form.  

Implement a sign-up form with fields for username, email, and password. Display the user's input back to them.

9.Lifting State Up

Assignment: Temperature converter.  

Build a temperature converter that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa, sharing state between components.

10.Composition vs Inheritance

Assignment: Design a webpage layout.  

Use composition to design a webpage with common elements like Header, Footer, Sidebar, and MainContent.

11. React Router

Assignment: Implement basic routing.  

Build a website with navigation. Pages might include Home, About, and Contact, with corresponding routes.

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12. React Hooks

 Assignment: Refactor previous assignments.  

 Choose a previous assignment and refactor it to use hooks (useState, useEffect).

13. Context API

 Assignment: Implement a light/dark theme switcher.  

 Use Context API to create a light/dark mode for your website that any component can access and modify.

14.Testing with Jest and React Testing Library

Assignment: Write tests for one of your previous assignments.  

Pick a component from your previous assignments and write comprehensive tests for it using Jest and React Testing Library.

15. Advanced: Redux

Assignment: Implement a simple Redux store.  

Create a simple application that uses Redux for state management. It can be as simple as a to-do list.

16. Advanced: Performance Optimization

Assignment: Optimize a React app.  

Use React's Profiler API, useMemo, useCallback, and React.memo to optimize an app of your choice.

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