Best Tips for software developers and startup founders

Best Tips for software developers and startup founders
August 08, 2021

Do you want to develop good software to make your customers/boss happy? Here are some tips which you may haven't heard about it. This article will help you to change the perspective of software development.

1. Think about What the user wants(Emotionally)

"Users use websites, not for their work, they come because the product helps them emotionally."

It's sounding weird, Yes but it's true. Think about the product you use every day Facebook, Instagram, News sites, or take any popular Apps or Websites. 76% of users come to your site because of what they get what they want.

They go there because they are connected emotionally. When they got any problem then their emotions trigger them, "Hey go to that App or Website this problem will be solved by that website or app".

Here are few examples,

  • If you are hungry then your emotions trigger you to go on the Food Delivery app which knows you.
  • If you want a life partner then your emotions trigger you to go on a dating app which you know.
  • If you get any problem while writing code then your emotions trigger you to go on StackOverflow.

So Always keep in mind what the user wants and which pain point will be solved by your Website or App. Find that pain problem or user and solve it.

2. Understand the business domain completely

Most software developers just focus on developing the product and understand only half of the business or domain.

If the project comes from the client he tells only the basic requirements and they expect more than you think. Understanding the business domain completely will help you to understand what customers/users want.

It will help you remove unwanted things and add important features to the website. and will make your customers/users happy.

3. Think twice before writing the code

When I was fresher I had a problem, I always start coding without thinking about what should be done or not done. I just know what to develop. Then output comes like a slow website, complex code, and too much time spent in development.

To overcome this problem I developed Formula 60T/40D, 60% Thinking, and 40% Development.

Before starting to write the code I think about what is the problem, how the product will be used by the end-user, How to reuse data and code, the Algorithm of the problem, the flow of a program, and then I start coding.

This method reduced 20-30 percent development time and efficient, reusable code and fast website.

4. Choose colors wisely

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky

We should aware of why we are choosing this color for the Website or App. Every color has meaning and feelings.

most of the users come because of beautiful appearance(This information is useful if your website is the product, but it will also help you to impress your client if the project is theirs).

Refer to this link and choose the color by looking at which emotions suit your business domain.

5. Reduce Clicks and Input fields

Look at successful products they offer their service in just one or two clicks and collect data without interference of the user.

Single extra clicks also cost a lot to us. Because the user has no time to do it, it's annoying for them to click again and again. Always try to focus on reducing clicks if you reduce clicks user stays for a long time on your product otherwise he bounces back from that page.

Reduce input fields from your site, the user is too lazy to enter the information. Try to collect data from the options box, radio buttons, and their product use pattern.

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