A Guide To Understanding Different Types Of Websites

A Guide To Understanding Different Types Of Websites
February 01, 2022

Due to the rapidly growing digital world, websites have evolved in many different ways in order to make it easier for both users and website owners to stay updated. Hiring new members of the team, changing the company's website, or designing your own website is no small feat - and what it often comes down to is understanding how each type of site differs so that you can figure out the best way to use them. In this blog article, we break down every type of website with information on how they differ as well as a list of must-haves for each.

Magazine Websites

Magazine websites are different compared to other types of websites because they tell you about a specific type of industry. Magazine websites have different roles than news websites and sports websites. This is important because you might have many customers who buy magazines when they’re empty on shelves, which means they’re interested in other types of products from your company than what a news website generates. These magazine-specific websites can be really large due to their vast library of content that includes articles about wellness, home décor, women's fashion, men's fashion, and more.

Portfolio Websites

A portfolio website is a website dedicated to showcasing the work of a creative professional - journalists, photographers, artists, authors, and so on. This can be a great tactic because portfolio websites offer good old fashioned SEO keywords which differentiates them from other types based businesses. A Portfolio Website is an online record of work that an artist has created. When an artist creates a portfolio website they are basically marketing themselves. In some cases, the artist being published online becomes a tool for those interested in the work to view exhibitions or collections of their work. As they browse through portfolios, viewers can buy prints or use social media to connect with other artists and their works

Ecommerce Websites

Many e-commerce websites have a toolkit approach that allows the customer to customize their shopping experience. They range from a marketplace with thousands of vendors, type in keywords associated with fashion and finance and receive an automatic list of qualified organizations or filtering out your top three options. Another popular method is creating a profile based on customer preference or something they plan to purchase, which means they see products they are interested in and then buy them directly rather than doing an extensive search.

Educational Websites

One of the most popular kinds of websites used to teach people about a particular subject is an educational website. These websites are useful since they provide students with specific information on a wide variety of topics and due to their engaging and interactive nature, they are able to do so in a way that is easy to understand. There are many different types of educational sites as well, such as research-based sites which use verified sources and offer reliable information, fact-based sites which contain comprehensive articles about various topics, public service sites for looking up legal matters, and consulting sites for professionals who are sick of hearing the same common sense advice day in and day out from their colleagues.

Business Websites

In order to sell products or services without people knowing it, you need a trust factor. There are three main types of websites for this purpose: real estate, investment, and dating. As your business grows and begins to take on more responsibility, building a website that captures their vision becomes essential. Many businesses do not start with an online presence, but with a website it is important to consider the personality of the business you are targeting. A website is a place that provides information and allows visitors to place orders. There are certain types of websites including informational, commerce, software, database and classified.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a way to provide specific information about your website in a single page. They generally offer condensed information that is used primarily to encourage visitors to sign up for paid subscriptions, purchase products, enter sweepstakes, and give testimonials. A landing page is a special subpage of your website that is focused on gathering traffic. Landing pages should have all the information about your company, product, or service needed for someone to decide whether they want to visit your website or not. If a visitor lands on your landing page, you can automatically redirect them to other websites so that they never leave the page.

NGO Websites

NGO websites tend to be made up of three key things: information, resources, and advocacy. They often offer helpful content for public education about topics and speaking out about social problems. Unlike traditional organizations, NGO websites also have a 'call-to-action' element at their core - fundraising involves selling your product or service online. This is one of the major ways that these websites fund themselves - resources, advocacy and call-to-action combined attract an audience who wants what you have to offer.


Blogs are a great source of low-cost traffic and revenue. More business owners are beginning to see the potential for themselves when starting their blogs. Blogging is an ever changing field with recent changes happening month after month. Blogs are a type of website that are intended to share information with the world or individual hobbyists. They can include a blog on a topic, such as cars and food, or they can include peripherals like webcam blogging and podcasts. They have evolved over time as they contain multimedia content using photographs, images, video and audio.

What kind of websites are you looking for?

One of the main purposes for the creation of any website would be to probably sell or promote something. There are so many different types of websites in existence and it can be difficult to know exactly what is going on behind a website before looking 'behind the curtain'. With that being said, there does seem to be some success from different types of websites such as banks, search engines, social media, blogs, etc.

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