8 Useful Google Tools and Technologies for Software Developers

8 Useful Google Tools and Technologies for Software Developers
March 30, 2022

Google is not just the most popular search engine on the web, but it also offers tools to help you do some of the work that goes into creating and managing your websites, applications, and more. Fortunately for all software developers, these can be available for free often with a few clicks through chrome.

This article will focus on the 8 common google technologies that every software developer should know:

1. Android

Android is Google's smartphone operating system. It detects touch input, allowing the user to control the phone with swipes and finger taps. It has gesture recognition capabilities that can recognize unsupported gestures for actions such as meeting new people, playing a board game, or opening an app.

Developer tools play an important role in the world of software development. Android is an open-source platform for smartphones and tablets, Android provides tools to programmers with a powerful design environment as well as access to essential libraries, frameworks, global resources, user interface components, and many others.

2. Flutter

Flutter is a mobile app development framework that allows developers to create apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using a single programming language. Flutter also comes with widgets, which are blocks of functionality for any given platform. It uses Dart programming language is an open-source scalable response to the soaring demand for faster mobile applications with fewer lines of code.

3. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is a predictive and generic deep learning library. It uses big data to offer its extensive capabilities to computer systems. It offers only one API which has a few layers nesting inside of it. There is a web API, a mini-batch API, and learn API that is the most used by developers on their own time.

4. Angular

Angular is an extremely powerful and versatile open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to build scalable and interactive web applications with ease. Angular's project page states that it is built to meet the needs of large-scale single-page web apps.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics, helps their website visitors more easily find out more about their targets. This piece of software is affordable and very efficient because it provides users with useful data about site visitors that could be useful for market research. The information requires no programming expertise and can be accessed through another Google product, Google Analytics.

6. Google Cloud

Google's Cloud platform provides a wide range of online services in the form of computation, hosting, and deployment infrastructure. These may include databases, file storage and more commonly trading out computing resources for additional priority or priority-based billing. Google cloud provides a lot of computing services, including data management, hybrid & multi-cloud, and AI & ML.

7. PageSpeed Module

Google PageSpeed Module is what helps you analyze your website and run better code to speed up the loading times of your website. It also shows you how to make your website load faster with tips on how to include tables, images, CSS, and JavaScript.

8. Google Dev Tools

Google Dev Tools are tools that allow software developers to easily manage their development process. One of the most useful features in the toolset for Google-centric developers is the Chrome Dev Toolbar, which provides a wide assortment of features such as a web inspector, debugger, and source control.

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