7 Useful NPM packages for react developers

7 Useful NPM packages for react developers
June 28, 2023

React is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and it's the most popular library to use for this purpose currently. Since there are so many different packages, sorting through them all can feel like a daunting task. But don't worry, we've done the research for you, and we're going to go over our top picks!

1. Formik

The Formik npm package is a renowned library in the React ecosystem used for building forms. It supplies a set of tools that make it easier to handle form state, validation, and submissions. Based on a collection of Validators,

Formik helps to create form controls that abide by the rules defined in these Validators. These Validators play a crucial role in React by validating form data to ensure it is correct and fits the required format.

Formik seamlessly incorporates this validation functionality directly into your components, enhancing your application's integrity.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/formium/formik


Writing explanations for your code can make the process of creating and looking after it take longer. When we began our project, we wanted a simple, no-fuss way to make a website that explains our code.

Docz is a tool that lets you swiftly build websites that explain your code, are ready for public viewing, and can automatically refresh as you make changes.

These websites are designed to be search-engine friendly, and you can use MDX to personalize their appearance and how they work. If you need to modify them further, you can do so using GatsbyJS and Gatsby.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/doczjs/docz/

3. Axios

Axios is a powerful, minimalist, and flexible HTTP Client that can be used in each and every situation and project. The Axios package provides the power required in modern applications like - GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests.

Axios NPM is a very useful tool for React developers especially if they intend to create an API. It helps developers build web services and share data between them quickly, easily, and safely.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/axios/axios


Prop-types allow you to document how component data will be used, including declaring explicit conventions for property type, in a shorter and more dependable way.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/facebook/prop-types


The react motion npm package is great for adding animations to user interfaces. The package provides 16 different animation styles, many of which are also supported by the native react transition node module.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/chenglou/react-motion

6. Redux

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. This library helps you manage complex applications and their interactions with servers and other components, by exposing the state of your app in a single location and creating boundless opportunities to make clear how data is managed.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/reduxjs/redux

7. Enzymes

You can test JavaScript React components easily with enzymes. Enzymes also add the ability to add 'prototype' methods, add listeners and manipulate runtime in your component's output.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/enzymejs/enzyme

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