7 High-Paying Career Options for Software Engineers

7 High-Paying Career Options for Software Engineers
January 06, 2022

When you try to think of your new dream career, the most important task is figuring out the best way for you to make enough money. From shifting careers to figuring out what type of skills you need, it can be overwhelming. But now there's even more choices than ever before when it comes to zooming in on a career that best suits your talents and talents. This article explores 7 high-paying careers that software engineers often choose.

The 7 Best Careers for Software Engineers

Data Scientist

A Software Engineer who wants to be a Data Scientist should have at least a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Mathematics. A further or higher degree is desirable because it means that the prospective software engineer will undoubtedly possess advanced skills, knowledge and experience in computational thinking, data analysis and machine learning. The skill-set required to be considered an entry level data scientist varies slightly from one to another as they all have different domains, but in general most say that a bachelor's degree in a related field is needed with SAS, Python, and R being among the most important.

Full Stack Developer

The full stack developer is a developer that takes on the work of both software design and development. The skills to perform as a Full Stack Developer will be in high demand for years to come, as many new companies are looking for these boom of workers. With this expansion comes an opportunity for growth and more job satisfaction. Salary potentials across the board for those in the field are on the rise, with professionals making between $75k-$200k per year! What is interesting about full stack development is that software engineers can work in software engineering, application development, and sometimes even coding.

System Administrators

Systems administrators tend to hold technical degrees and spend years as a computer science student. After graduation, they begin working on IT projects. In the early stages of their career, systems administrators work for small companies or for large firms that hire internally. After attending training courses and gaining practical experience, system admins can move up to management of the systems they do not typically directly oversee. To keep skills razor sharp while still overseeing a growing company, this is typically the next career step taken by individual engineers and mid-level executives.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

With AI reaching a level of sophistication that could only have been dreamed of decades ago, humans finally understand the benefits described by Musk. That software engineers will rule the world in the near future. You would be working in an exciting technological field as well as advancing the world at large through engineering tech related to AI. To get started, you would need your degree in software engineering, though there are many opportunities outside of this degree to earn an income through programming and maintenance work. It may seem like artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but it's actually time to start considering a career in AI engineering.

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect is the fastest-growing career option available in the IT industry. The greater benefits of this growth include rapidly increasing demand and opportunity for cloud computing services outsourcing and deployments, increased importance of international compliance standards, bigger budgets, improvement in security compliance requirements, and more. Architects are essential for restructuring networks and infrastructures in ways that make them more valuable for business. As a member of a software engineering team, you will have to collaborate closely with buyers, developers, testers, and executives so everyone can understand the vision you have created and rallied around.

Blockchain Engineer

The blockchain is a digital identity that's shared across many different software platforms. As such, developers may find that they're really good at programming languages like Java or Python (either using JVM or PyPy), which are both blockchains. Engineers who want to earn more promptly should consider various opportunities in blockchain technology. BlockChain Engineers are exploring the blockchain market. These software engineers position themselves between networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain to develop, manage and issue software applications from a centralized or a decentralized environment.

DevOps Engineer

Software engineers are in high demand and high-paying jobs that require a high level of expertise. The best opportunities for software engineers lie in the DevOps space, which has seen a rapid increase in prominence over the last few years. A software developer or engineer working as a DevOps Engineer will develop and implement strategies that ensure continuous availability to data behind your application as well as server environments. DevOps Engineer is the combination of two different software engineering jobs: Dev, that is, coding and Operate, as in working on your computer. The idea is to "also help companies build their products and services that are vital for their businesses."

Wrapping it up

Software engineers are highly in demand, making them some of the best paid career options available. There is a lot of career options today for software engineers. You don't have to limit yourself to working in the software industry and as long as you're able to work with computers and follow instructions, then you are ready to move on. The prospect of building cool new software apps, then selling them online or to corporations, is at the heart of what has made this technology so popular and lucrative. Software engineer offers a broad range of high-paying career options for graduates with skills and expertise in coding, testing and debugging. Not only are software engineers needed around the world but also there is expected to be modest growth both in technical terms and salaries until 2024.

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