5 Trends That will Affect the Future of Software Development in 2021

5 Trends That will Affect the Future of Software Development in 2021
September 15, 2021

Whether you are new to software development or have been around the industry for five whole years, this article is for you. Inside, you will find three trends that are projected to impact the future of software development in 2021. These five trends that the developers are expected to be most impacted by in 2021 can be broad or niche-specific depending on your background.

1. Metaverse

The big trend of 2021 is definitely wearing oculus gear and sitting on your couch, literally sitting at the metaverse you're always imagining. The future of software development consists of wearing an oculus and sitting on a holographic couch in your back yard with your real meet and your virtual best friend.

“I think it’s less about who’s right with their definition and more about us aligning on the values of what’s most important. To me, decentralization is the key. If the metaverse will become a large part of our lives, which it will, like the internet, then the closer to reality it becomes the more it will be abstracted in defining through all of our own relative experiences of it and with it.”

Richard Ward (Global lead Enterprise VR at McKinsey)

2. Virtual Reality

The way people live their days has begun to change due to virtual reality. Marketers are also adopting this technology. For example, 10-15% of ad campaigns in the US are already appealing to virtual reality beings. In the future we will shop using virtual malls, we will learn using simulation.

Virtual Reality Will be used in the following fields:

  • VR the military to train an army, air force, and marines by simulation
  • VR sports to train players
  • VR in medical training to practice surgeries and procedures
  • VR in education
  • VR in fashion by simulating the store environments

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly taking over many aspects of our lives, and now it's moving into software development. This includes the ability to judge which business model will work best for an idea, detect fraud or identify products that are weak. AI can easily make incredibly nuanced decisions based on user's data by giving them the freedom to work anywhere. The future is looking bright for developers let's learn more about what it has in store for us!

4. Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

Progressive web apps are the new buzz—and this time, it’s not just about hyper-consumers. With this technological shift in software development, developers have the opportunity to deliver rich experiences on devices or devices lacking capabilities.

During the last year, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) gained momentum among mobile app developers due to their low costs and eco-friendliness.

Smartphone apps that were designed with responsive design techniques and measured performance in mind have also been making a splash in the software development industry because they deliver an outstanding user experience and engage audiences comfortably. PWA limits risks and lowers development time and cost when compared to native apps.

5. Internet of Behaviours

One trend that is predicted for 2021 is the growth of the Internet of Behaviours. Once these behaviors are recorded, they are uploaded to the cloud where they are used by services to infer meaningful insights about people’s lifestyles and preferences. Due to their power stemming from massive amounts of data, this is predicted to be one of the most disruptive technologies.

In 2021, more and more companies will use browser-based automation infrastructure to increase the pace of their enterprise applications. Additionally, Internet of Behaviour interfaces will introduce a whole new set of applications that allow customers to interact with businesses in a non-invasive but more personal way.

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