5 Modern Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

5 Modern Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2021
September 19, 2021

There are several ways to increase website traffic depending on the type of business you are running. The article shares five methods based on different types of industries.

1. Provide Optimal User Experience

The average person has about 31,000 thoughts before they decide to navigate to your website. If you do not make it easy for people to reach you, like designing a website that ensures a desirable experience, your website traffic will be lost.

There are many methods to increase website traffic, but the #1 way is to update your site to make it more modern and accessible. It is vital that you update your site to the newest technological innovations. The website should be loaded in less than 3 seconds otherwise user will lose interest and will look for another website.

Have you noticed that more of your website traffic has been moving to the mobile device? This may be because people are finding less interest in browsing online on computers or their smart screens. With this shift in perspective, websites like the one you work with need to make themselves accessible across all devices.

2. Optimize The Complexity of Your Website

One of the ways to increase website traffic is by creating an attractive, easy-to-navigate site. The best way to accomplish this goal is by considering the website's users and making all information clear, explicit, discoverable, actionable, and usable.

Create intuitive navigability by ranking all content logically; the most important content should be consistently featured first on the user landing page or dashboard. User importance should be displayed on one page. So the more user will spend their time on your website and the more user will engage with your website you will get rank higher and get more returning users

3. Leave Impressions

In the current era where SEO is at a premium, it's important to get website traffic. But getting traffic to your website doesn't mean you should go the traditional route of paying for advertising to get there and invest a lot of time in Search Engine Optimization. 

One way to leave impressions is to build an amazing landing page, but the other two are the more digital-savvy methods. The first is social media shares. It’s best if you focus on sharing something relevant, timely, and personal. The second is email marketing. Make email opt-in features part of every new piece of content that you share on your site to continue building your list - it’s important not to spam them or send too much email otherwise, they might unsubscribe/block you!

4. Increase Consumer Engagement with Video

Nowadays, video is a huge part of how marketers connect to their audience. They have found this is a much better way to motivate people to buy faster and interact with them in a more engaging way.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the key to optimizing website traffic in 2021 is video. Consumers are video hungry and more people are going to be spending time watching videos on their phones or computers then reading text on regular old websites. With that being said, finding ways for your business to include marketing video rich content should be a high priority.

5. Add Social Sharing Tools

Social sharing platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide an increasingly large opportunity for companies to reach a wider audience. Larger audiences translate into larger offers and greater exposure.

Social sharing tools are easy to implement when website pages are managed in content management systems. Sharing tools are great for increasing social interactions for your audience by boosting engagement with followers, so long as the content they share is engaging

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