4 Websites To Download The Best Selection Of 3D Icons

4 Websites To Download The Best Selection Of 3D Icons
May 07, 2022

Utilizing icons for website design has been a trend for some time now. There are lots of individuals who use icon sets to provide some sort of branding, or just to refrain from utilizing stock images on their web pages.

3D icons are a new type of icons that are three-dimensional and can be used on websites and in applications. They are often used to add an extra level of realism to an image or icon.

In the article, I am going to share four different websites that have 3D Icons that you can download onto your computer.

1. Free 3D Icons

This is a collection of 3D icons that are trending and free to use. You can type in what you need, or browse our collections to find the perfect icon.

Link to Download 3D Icons: https://free3dicon.com

2. 3DIcons.co

3D icons are a beautiful set of open-source 3D icons. This set has been created in Blender and made freely available to all. All content is licensed under Creative Commons CC0, meaning it's free for personal and commercial use, you're welcome to edit, remix, share and redraw all content.

This resource will make it easier for designers and content creators to produce beautiful and effective designs in less time. There are icon images here with a few color options, so you can use them as a placeholder until your design is finalized.

Website to Download 3D Icons: https://3dicons.co

3. 3DIcons.com

This website features over 4000 3D icons and 3D characters from every angle, in high-res 4K resolution. You can customize any of the colors to match your design, and it always has new additions as they are released.

Link to Download 3D Icons: https://www.3dicons.com

4. Iconscout.com

This site provides a lot of different content to make designing and creating easier. We have a lot of tools and save time by providing this information all in one place. They have curated and shared 4.4 million+ design assets on our website and through their tools. There are over 5000 new additions added each day.

Link to Download 3D Icons: https://iconscout.com

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