4 Things to Learn from Google

4 Things to Learn from Google
August 06, 2021

We all know Google makes the best software in the world, Every day we use google products. Here are 4 Things that every software developer or entrepreneur should learn from google.


Google makes simple products with useful features which can be used by any type of user. We see the Google Search Engine page, there is only one text box with a few buttons and links.

Users should not be distracted from the main feature for which he has to come to use on website or app, Like we see if you open Yahoo page (Comparing another search engine), we get distracted by the news, finance links, trending topics, or weather gadget. As so result in user clicks on another link and forgot his main work so later he realizes that our main work is pending so they won't prefer to use that type of software.

They build software in a simple way that won't distract the user from doing his main task.

2. Fast

Speed is a very important factor in the software industry. If the website or app is not loaded in 3 seconds, the user search for another option. Research says if an amazon website or app loading time is increased by one or two seconds can cost them billions.

Google products are used by millions and billions of users every day. But all products are fast as we can see Youtube, Google Search Engine or any other products.

Google builds fast products which are used by millions and billions of users.

3. Scalable

Great software used by almost every person on the earth makes them great. The scalable means software products should be used by millions of users or should impact the lives of millions of users. Like Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Notes, etc. All can be used by every person on the earth.

Google builds software that is used by almost every user or impacts every life.

4.Daily usable

We see Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, or other big company products that are used daily in our lives. Google not only chooses software to build that can be used by every person but also will be used every day in our life.

To earn billions or become a great company we have to choose the product that can be used daily by users. Otherwise, it's hard to earn money or generate smooth cash flow even if you have a great product.

Google builds products that are used daily by users.

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